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3 Idiots

3 Idiots (Hindi: थ्री इडीयट्स) is a 2009 Bollywood comedy film directed by Rajkumar Hirani, with a screenplay by Abhijat Joshi, and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. It was loosely adapted from the novel Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. 3 Idiots stars Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor, Omi Vaidya, Parikshit Sahni and Boman Irani.

3 Idiots has become the highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time in India[3] and is also the highest grossing Indian film ever.


Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan), Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi), and Rancchoddas “Rancho” Shyamaldas Chanchad (Aamir Khan) are three engineering students who share a room in a hostel at the Imperial College of Engineering, one of the best colleges in India. While Farhan and Raju are average students from modest backgrounds, Rancho is from a rich family. Farhan wants to become a wildlife photographer, but has joined engineering college to fulfill his father’s wish. Raju on the other hand wants to uplift his family fortunes. Rancho is a wealthy genius who studies for the sheer joy of it. However, Rancho’s passion is for knowledge and taking apart and building machines rather than the conventional obsession of the other students with exam ranks. With his different approach Rancho incurs the wrath of dean of college, Professor Viru Sahastrabudhhe (ViruS) (Boman Irani). Rancho irritates his lecturers by giving creative and unorthodox answers, and confronts ViruS after fellow student Joy Lobo hangs himself in his dormitory room. Joy had requested an extension on his major project on compassionate grounds—his father had suffered a stroke—but ViruS refused, saying that he himself was completely unmoved by his own son’s accidental death after being hit by a train. Rancho denounces the rat race, dog-eat-dog, mindless rote learning mentality of the institution, blaming it for Lobo’s death.

Threatened by Rancho’s talent and free spirit, ViruS labels him an “idiot” and attempts on a number of occasions to destroy his friendship with Farhan and Raju, warning them and their parents to steer clear of Rancho. In contrast, ViruS’ model student is Chatur Ramalingam or “Silencer”, (Omi Vaidya) who sees a high rank at the prestigious college as his ticket to higher social status, corporate power, and therefore wealth. Chatur conforms to the expectations of the system. Rancho humiliates Chatur, who is awarded the honour of making a speech at an award ceremony, by substituting obscenities into the text, which has been written by the librarian. As expected, Chatur mindlessly memorises the speech, without noticing that anything is amiss, partly aided by his lack of knowledge on Hindi. His speech becomes the laughing stock of the audience, infuriating the authorities in the process.

Meanwhile, Rancho also falls in love with ViruS’ medical student daughter Pia (Kareena Kapoor) when he, Raju and Farhan crash her sister’s wedding banquet in order to get a free meal, in the process further infuriating ViruS.

Meanwhile, the three students continue to anger ViruS, although Rancho continues to come first in every exam, while Chatur is always second, and Farhan and Raju are inevitably in the last two positions. The tensions come to a head when the three friends, who are already drunk, break into ViruS’s house at night to allow Rancho to propose to Pia, and then urinate on a door inside the compound before running away when ViruS senses intruders. The next day, ViruS threatens to expel Raju lest he talks on the other two. Unable to choose between betraying his friend or letting down his family, Raju jumps out of the 3rd floor window and lands on a courtyard, but after extensive care from Pia and his roommates, awakes from a coma.

The experience has changed Farhan and Raju, and they adopt Rancho’s outlook. Farhan decides to pursue his love of photography, while Raju takes an unexpected approach for an interview for a corporate job. He attends in plaster and a wheelchair and gives a series of non-conformal and frank answers. However, ViruS is unsympathetic and vows to make the final exam as hard as possible so that Raju is unable to graduate. Pia hears him and angrily confronts him, and when ViruS gives the same ruthless reply he gives to his students, she denounces him in the same way that Rancho did over the suicide of Lobo. Pia reveals that Viru’s son and her brother was not killed in an accident but committed suicide in front of a train and left a letter because ViruS had forced him to pursue a career in engineering over his love for literature; ViruS always mentioned that he unsympathetically failed his son on the ICE entrance exams over and over to every new intake of ICE students. After this, Pia walks out on the family home, and takes ViruS’s spare keys with her. She tells Rancho of the exam, and he and Farhan break into ViruS’s office and steals the exam and give it to Raju, who with his new-found attitude, is unconcerned with the prospect of failing, and refuses to cheat and throws the paper away. However, ViruS catches the trio and expels them on the spot. However, they earn a reprieve when Viru’s pregnant elder daughter Mona (Mona Singh) goes into labour at the same time. A heavy storm cuts all power and traffic, and Pia is still in self-imposed exile, so she instructs Rancho to deliver the baby in the college common room via VOIP, after Rancho restores power using car batteries and a power inverter that Rancho had dreamed up and ViruS had mocked. Rancho then delivers the baby with the help of a cobbled-together Vacuum extractor.

After the baby is apparently stillborn, Rancho resuscitates it. ViruS reconciles with Rancho and his friends and allows them to take their final exams and they graduate. Rancho comes first and is awarded ViruS’s pen, which the professor had been keeping for decades before finding a brilliant enough student to gift it to.

Their story is framed as intermittent flashbacks from the present day, ten years after Chatur vowed revenge on Rancho for embarrassing him at the speech night and promised to become more successful than Rancho a decade later. Having lost contact with Rancho, who disappeared during the graduation party and went into seclusion, Raju and Farhan begin a journey to find him. They are joined by Chatur, now a wealthy and successful businessman, who joins them, brazenly confident that he has surpassed Rancho. Chatur is also looking to seal a deal with a famous scientist and prospective business associate named Phunsukh Wangdu. Chatur sees Wangdu, who has hundreds of patents, as his ticket to further social prestige. When they find Rancho’s house in Shimla, they walk into his father’s funeral, and find a completely different Rancho (Jaaved Jaffrey). After accusing the new man of stealing their friend’s identity and profiting from his intellect, the host pulls a gun on them, but Farhan and Raju turn the tables by seizing the father’s ashes and threatening to flush them down the toilet. The householder capitulates and says that their friend was a destitute servant boy who loved learning, while he, the real Rancho, was a lazy wealthy child who disliked study, so the family agreed to let the servant boy study in Rancho’s place instead of labouring. In return, the real Rancho would pocket the qualifications and the benefits thereof, while the impersonator would sever all contact with the world and start a new life. The real Rancho reveals that his impersonator is now a schoolteacher in Ladakh.

Raju and Farhan then find Pia, and take her from her wedding day to Suhas by performing the same tricks with his material possessions, and having Raju turn up to the ceremony disguised as the groom and eloping with Pia in public. When they arrive in Ladakh, they see a group of enthusiastic Ladakhi children who are motivated by love of knowledge. Pia and the fake Rancho rekindle their love, while Chatur mocks and abuses Rancho the schoolteacher. He asks Rancho to sign on a DECLARATION OF DEFEAT document. And sees that Rancho is using the pen which ViruS had gifted him. Chatur snatches the pen from Rancho and starts to move back. When Rancho’s friends ask what his real name is, he reveals that his real name is Phunsukh Wangdu and phones Chatur, who has turned his back, and tells him that he will not be able to sign the deal with him because he has his pen. He asks Chatur to turn around meet his prospective business partner. Chatur is horrified and falls to his knees, accepts his defeat and continues to plead his case with Phunsukh to establish the business relationship he was after.

Cast :

Aamir Khan Ranchoddas “Rancho” Shamaldas Chanchad / Phunsukh Wangdu
Kareena Kapoor Pia Sahastrebuddhe
R. Madhavan Farhan Qureshi
Sharman Joshi Raju Rastogi
Boman Irani Viru Sahastrebuddhe (ViruS)
Omi Vaidya Chatur Ramalingam (Silencer)

Rancho is the rebel among them always questioning things and believing that learning is more than just the usual mode of education.

He encourages his friends to look beyond the ordinary and soon earns the wrath of the college director Viru Sahasrabuddhe (Boman Irani).

Despite his fun and frolic, Rancho always surprises everyone by topping the class. He even manages to win the affections of the director’s daughter Pia (Kareena Kapoor). But Rancho’s greatest contribution lies is making his friends realise their true calling.

The twist comes when on Graduation Day. After being awarded the Student Of The Year title, Rancho mysteriously disappears into oblivion.

Years later, Farhan and Raju, finding a common thread, embark on a journey to find their friend. 3 Idiots is a story of friendship, hope, aspirations and most importantly, the goodness of life.

With 3 Idiots, Rajkumar Hirani proves beyond doubt that there’s no better storyteller than him in the present generation.

This isn’t an easy film to make the interplay between characters and the narrative is interestingly woven.

The film switches from present to flashback mode often but not once does Hirani lose the momentum. The medley of emotions that he brings forth as he establishes the film’s structure is indeed commendable.

Like the peppy Aal Izz Well song drawing towards a tragic climax it’s so cleverly done that it has the desired effect. There are scenes that’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry and they’ll make you think.

Hirani does it all so beautifully that you want to go back to college and relive all those moments.

The falling in love, the harassment by professors, the secret drinking sessions, the ragging of fellow students it’s all there.

Hirani also sends across a message on student pressures but there’s no preaching here it’s all done in his inimitable style.

Most films have their own set of ‘highlight’ scenes.

3 Idiots is different because every scene is special and brings with it something that’s out of the ordinary.

But there are a few that have a far lasting impact the entire ragging sequence; the camaraderie between Rancho and Pia; Chatur’s (the ‘brainy’ student) hilarious speech; the entire black-and-white depiction of Raju’s family; most of the scenes between Rancho and Viru; the sequences that lead to Raju’s recovery in the hospital and many more. After a point, you just stop counting.

Dialogues are snappy and totally effective (“In India, you get a pizza in 30 minutes guaranteed but not an ambulance”). The soundtrack, background score and cinematography is top class.

Among the performances, Madhavan delivers his most retrained act ever. He takes the film back and forth with his narrative and is splendid even with comedy.

Sharman Joshi is brilliant, especially in his breakdown scenes. Boman Irani is sincere as expected, with his lisp act getting all the right nuances.

Kareena Kapoor gives her finest portrayal in recent times as Pia. Her “dhokla, fafda, thepla, khandwa, khakra” scene is simply too delicious. Here’s a performance that proves why she’s indeed the best we have.

The life and soul of 3 Idiots is of course Aamir Khan. His perfection lies in the fact that he makes everything look so easy and spontaneous.

And at all the right moments, he brings the film alive with his sheer brilliance. From his look to his walk to his manner of speech, Aamir breathes life into Rancho and that’s what stays with us.

If you thought Aamir Khan couldn’t get any better than he is, think again. Aamir is the heart and soul of 3 Idiots and he proves why he’s simply a class apart.

As student also , I experienced instructors (with the like of virus ) but also teachers like Rancho(the fake one , the scientist teacher). The movie describes the lives of students in a technical school. So there is no doubt I experienced the feeling of the 3 idiots, that life is a race. As poker player , its a race, but not on who comes first, but you efficiently done it. The movie also gives me a explanation , why Indians are so technically gifted in the field of Engineering , Mathematics and Programming( Based on research , a Indian programmer is equal to two programmers , this is based on study) It means that a single Indian programmer can do a job of two programmers.

one of favorite quote in the movie

“What’s the use of such methods even if you come first ? will your knowledge increase ? No , just the pressure”

This could the best Bollywood movie I’ve seen, better than Slumdog Millionaire (even though Slumdog Millionaire is not a Bollywood movie)

I could grade the movie as 9.5 / 10 | – .5 because of the language , i could understand , I understand the movie through subtitles – English )


Movie to Watch- The Social Network

Here is on the top of bucket list. Not so interested in the Social Networking thing. But Facebook so far has been very helpful to me. Same story like Microsoft/Apple and Google from Garage to everything .

must watch movie(for everyone because of the Facebook thing), not so interesting with me but still Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps(the sequel of the 1987 film) is on the very top of my movie, no above my bucket list.! xD

Movie on Queue – RED

Movie Poster

Not a so good movie. But a time for a humor + action movie. Bullet wrecking fun ! haha… its on Cinemas now I think. !

The Expendables (2010)

“The Expendables”? More like “The Super Unkillables”. Ahem.

Leave it to a former ‘80s action movie star like Sylvester Stallone to make a movie in 2010 that perfectly resembles something out of the bygone days when Hollywood blow’em ups ruled the world. Except in this case, instead of the usual one unstoppable killing machine wreaking havoc on the bad guys, there are five. Or six. Or eight, if you really want to get technical about it, though two of them, Bruce Willis
and Arnold Schwarzenegger (both making uncredited cameos) don’t actually join in on the bodycount fun.

The mostly all-male cast of “The Expendables” is led by star/writer/director Stallone as Barney Ross, the leader of a motley crew of super badasses who do super badass things like kill Somali pirates while cracking jokes and other super badass stuff. The crew includes Barney’s right-hand man, Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), Ying Yang (Jet Li), Toll Road (Randy Couture), and Hale Caesar (Terry Crews). (These are not, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, their real names.) Gunner Jensen (Dolph Lundgren) was a member of the gang, until the nose candy made him, ahem, expendable. There is a sixth pseudo member of the group, Barney’s old buddy Tool (Mickey Rourke
), who has since retired and spends his time doing tattoos and acting as a go-between for Ross and future employers.

“The Expendables” is essentially a movie about Barney and Lee, where a bunch of other guys show up every now and then when people need killing. The gang’s latest job takes them to a small South American island currently under the despotic iron fist of General Garza (“Dexter’s” David Zayas), a cartoonish bad guy who is himself under the cruel thumb of ex-CIA scumbag James Munroe (Eric Roberts). Ol Munroe has strong-armed the General and his country on the strength of greed and able assists from his own two muscle-bound meatheads, Paine (Steve Austin) and The Brit (Gary Daniels). And if you’re wondering how Munroe and his two henchmen have managed to keep the entire country in line, keep in mind that Barney and his four guys have just been hired to kill the whole regime. So yeah, we’re not exactly dealing with the Iraqi Republican Guard here.

Predictably, things go awry for Barney and Lee almost immediately after they arrive on the island and meet their contact, the saucy and feisty local (are there any other kind?) Sandra (Giselle Itie), who harbors a secret from the boys. Sandra also acts as a love interest and moral compass for the directionless Barney. (Lee’s own love life is fulfilled by “Angel’s” angelic Charisma Carpenter.) The stage is set for Barney and company to return to the island in the film’s Third Act to, as the kids say, blow shit up and take names. If by “names” you mean rack up an impressive, if incredibly ridiculous bodycount, then that’s exactly what they do. Hey, did you really expect more than this? Sucks to be you, then.

It’s not hard to like “The Expendables”. If you ever watched any of Stallone’s ‘80s or ‘90s action films, then this movie was made specifically for you. The only person who stands out in the cast is Jet Li, who isn’t exactly known for shooting people in his movies. The only film that I recall of Li’s where he even uses a gun was one of his earlier titles, the “Bodyguard” rip-off “Bodyguard from Beijing”. So while casting Li as one of the mercenaries is an intriguing concept, it does feel incongruous with the bulging biceps and macho tough guy talk from the rest of the Western cast. Then again, casting Li and giving him third billing is a shrewd business move on Stallone’s part, since it will ensure some major box office returns for the production when “The Expendables” opens in Asia.

As for the movie itself, it’s probably ironic that “The Expendables” is exactly just that – a pretty expendable action movie. Take away the cast and budget, replace them with some other muscle-bound meatheads, and the film would go straight to DVD. It’s not as if Stallone and co-writer Dave Callaham actually gives anyone besides Barney and Lee anything to do that doesn’t involve shooting or stabbing people, though there are a couple of really amusing scenes with Jet Li’s Ying Yang, who may or may not have a kid, and who wants more money because, well, he’s shorter than everyone else. Crews and Couture both get their heroic moments, and Couture, like Li, gets an amusing moment where he whines about his ear. Crews, meanwhile, gets to brag about the power of his shotgun, and later, probably has the film’s signature action moment when he literally obliterates an entire squad of goons with that same shotgun.

Alas, there is one big problem with “The Expendables” that I hadn’t anticipated: the editing is horrific from start to finish. There’s no coherent flow to any of the fight scenes thanks to rapid-fire editing that takes the logic out of every kick, punch, and shot. As a result, there are multiple sequences where the bad guys have the good guys surrounded one moment, cut to a series of gunshots and stabbings and voila, it’s over and all the bad guys are dead. You have absolutely no idea how that happened or how it got to that point, but you just know that there was a lot of gunshots and inserts of knives stabbing flesh and then it was all over. I wish I could tell you that the fight between Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren was one of the highlights, or that the fight between Jet Li and Gary Daniels bordered on awesome, but honestly, I couldn’t even tell you with a straight face if it were actually the actors doing the fighting or some stuntmen.

On the other hand, “The Expendables” does pretty much everything it sets out to do – get a bunch of well-known action movie guys together and blow shit up like there’s no tomorrow. The script is reminiscent of all those ‘80s and ‘90s direct-to-DVD action movies where Predictable Plot A leads to Predictable Plot B culminating in Predictable Ending C. And let me just make it clear: that’s not a knock on “The Expendables”. The fact is, I didn’t expect a whole lot more than that, and I was pleasantly surprised by, well, not being surprised. The film progresses exactly as you would expect, and never really deviates from the formula. Heck, towards the end of the film, bad guy Eric Roberts even keeps dragging the feisty damsel-in-distress around even as the entire world is exploding around him. You’d think he could get away faster without having to haul her everywhere fighting and screaming, but then you wouldn’t get the dramatic scene where Stallone faces off against the bad guy with the girl standing between them at gunpoint.

Predictably and shitty editing are downsides to “The Expendables”. The upside? It’s the movie that gave us a great scene involving three of the biggest legends of Hollywood action movies of all time. If just for those brief few minutes, “The Expendables” is a must-see. The rest is still worth watching for fans of the genre. And if you ever find yourself thinking something along the lines of, “Wait, so they slap all those C4 bombs all over the mansion, and not a single bad guy ever runs across a single C4 pack during the entire night?”, just remember, it’s an ‘80s action movie that somehow got made in 2010. That will solve pretty much any problems you might have with “The Expendables”. And if it doesn’t? Well, “Eat Pray Love” is probably playing next door…

Sylvester Stallone (director) / Sylvester Stallone, Dave Callaham (screenplay)
CAST: Sylvester Stallone … Barney Ross
Jason Statham … Lee Christmas
Jet Li … Ying Yang
Dolph Lundgren … Gunner Jensen
Eric Roberts … James Munroe
Randy Couture … Toll Road
Steve Austin … Paine
David Zayas … General Garza
Giselle Itié … Sandra
Charisma Carpenter … Lacy
Gary Daniels … The Brit
Terry Crews … Hale Caesar
Mickey Rourke … Tool

South Harmon Institute of Technology


S.H.I.T. was founded by its current president Bartleby “B” Gaines and his high school friends, Hands Holloway and Sherman Schrader. Other founding members include Rory Thayer and Glen. With the exception of Schrader, these 2006 high school graduates were rejected from every college to which they applied. Gaines was inspired by his Harmon College rejection letter to create his own school. He and the other founders renovated an abandoned mental institution nearby Harmon College. Schrader was even tasked with creating a “legitimate”-looking website for the school. The founders had not expected that their “thrown together” school would be noticed; however, the motto listed on the site (“Acceptance is just one click away”) had been taken seriously by over 300 students, whom also had been rejected from ever single school that they applied for. The students, thinking that they could make a better start for themselves, and to make their parents proud of them, applied and were accepted by Schrader’s functional website. Therefore, the school officially opened in the fall of 2006 with approximately 300 undergraduate students. Unfortunately, the founders did not go through the proper channels to achieve accreditation and legitimacy, which created problems during its first semester of existence.

S.H.I.T.’s illegitimacy was made public by Dean Richard Van Horne of Harmon College. Dean Van Horne became aware of S.H.I.T.’s existence while he was securing properties surrounding Harmon College for demolition to make room for an addition to the Harmon campus: a large landscaped gateway designed to, in his words, “Keep knowledge in and ignorance out.” On October 27, 2006, Bartleby Gaines, Ben Lewis (S.H.I.T. Dean), and the student body pled their case before the Ohio State Board of Education for accreditation of S.H.I.T. Gaines showed the board that S.H.I.T. allows students to be what they want, whether that be a poet or an artist or anything else they can think of. His speech, causing those in attendance to rise to their feet in applause and cheers, also moved the board, which granted S.H.I.T. a one-year probationary period of accreditation.

Areas of Study

S.H.I.T. offers fully personalized study programs to its students by asking them “What do you want to learn?” Based on the students’ inner reflection, they develop their own classes and study plans and write them on a LARGE white board.

Culinary Arts

Glen came to S.H.I.T. after receiving a score of 0 on the SAT and being fired from his job at the “Qwick and Stop” for trying to create a shrimp slushie (he was both hungry and thirsty). At S.H.I.T., he explored new and innovative combinations of flavors of food, (his first creation was GlenWads, said to “contain every delicious flavor in every single bite.”) and eventually incorporated classic techniques into his repertoire.

Visual Arts

During summer camp when he was young, Hans Holloway carved an award-winning wood sculpture but was soon discovered for his athletic talent and was never able to pursue sculpting and woodcarving. He chose this as his area of study at S.H.I.T.; and a division of the school, the “Hands Holloway School of Art” is named after him.


A former member of the United States military who attended S.H.I.T. brought his love of rock-and-roll and classic rock music to the school and teaches numerous classes on “the music and lyrical angst of a lost generation, and we rock our faces off.”


This area of study is headed by Rory Thayer, who noted that since first grade, her entire life has been scheduled. At S.H.I.T., she studies meditation techniques and other methods of relaxation. Abernathy Darwin Dunlap (A.D.D.) also followed this course of study. attention deficit disorder, with her new found friend “A.D.D”,caused him to be unable to sit still or pay attention to anything for more than a few seconds. When he arrived at S.H.I.T., he expressed a desire to “slow things down.” When he had started meditating with Rory, the only thing that could keep him from running again was a straightjacket that they found somewhere in the old mental hospital. He joined Rory in her meditation sessions and was eventually able to discipline his mind and body to relax without the use of physical restraints.

Engineering and Physics

S.H.I.T. has a skateboarding half-pipe, built by two of its students, Dwayne and Wayne. Presumably, they have also pursued other engineering projects around the campus. When the meeting for accredidation had come around, they both had helped B. by telling them that

Entropy Projection

One of the more eccentric students arrives at S.H.I.T. with the desire to “learn to blow shit up with mind.” On screen, the audience sees him concentrating on a pineapple, and a football and causing it to shake on a table. During the final scene, Dean Van Horne’s car explodes as he is walking towards it. The camera cuts to the eccentric character who turns to Bartleby and says “I told ya.” We can infer that this ability (if the student actually did learn it) was a manifestation of the as of yet unproven supernatural ability of entropy projection, or the ability to cause potential energy to convert to kinetic energy in an inanimate object and subsequently cause the object to explode. This ability is also exhibited by the X-Men comic book character Gambit.

Fashion Design

A former exotic dancer, Kiki arrives and states that she wants to learn “something having to do with clothes…putting them on, taking them off. Im really good at that part, y’wanna see?” She is assigned by President Gaines to design the S.H.I.T. line of college attire.

Rise and Fall of Chevy Chase

This is what B. and his apparent “friend” talk about on the way to see him dorm room. Apparently a very popular class, because President “B” says that there is a waiting list for this course.


Tuition at S.H.I.T. is $10,000 per semester, or $20,000 per year.


Rory Thayer Meditation Garden

This area of the college is used for meditation for those involved in learning about nothing and cease their scheduled lives. Rory herself leads meditation sessions in this garden, as well as nature walks. Glen, head of the Culinary Arts department, provides snacks for nature walks.

Hands Holloway School of Art

Built after the school’s founding in 2006, the Hands Holloway School of Art can be presumed to house a very popular area of study (Visual Arts) because of its size as compared to other areas of the campus shown on screen. Outside the main entrance to the building is a large wooden African fertility sculpture, modeled after the first item carved by Hands during his studies at S.H.I.T and was also made by Columbus Shorts Character S.H.I.T Heads forever.

Accepted Movie Poster


Movie Poster
Starring Justin Long, Adam Herschman, Jonah Hill, Blake Lively, Mark Derwin, Columbus Short, Kellan Lutz, and Maria Thayer

High school senior Bartleby “B” Gaines is on his way to scoring eight out of eight rejection letters from colleges, which isn’t going to go over big with Mom and Dad. At least he’s not alone in the exclusion. Several of his crew of outcast friends are in the same, college-less boat. So how does a guy facing a bleak career please his parents and get noticed by dream girl Monica? Simple. Open his own university. (Universal Pictures)

Bartleby (B.) Gaines is a fun loving slacker who, unfortunately, gets turned down for every college he applied for, much to the chagrin of his overly expectant parents.
So, with a little cutting and pasting, he creates the South Harmon Institute of Technology, and lo and behold, he is accepted (along with his friends Rory, Hands, and Glen, whose college plans were also all but dashed).
However, his parents want to see the website, the campus, and the dean.
So now he has his other friend Sherman (who has been accepted to the prestigious Harmon College) build a web page, they lease out an abandoned psychiatric hospital, and they hire Sherman’s uncle Ben to be the dean.
Problem solved?
Not quite.
The web page was done so well, that hundreds of students show up at the front door, all of which were turned down by other colleges.
Faced with no choice, Bartleby decides to proceed with turning South Harmon into a real college, and sets about figuring out what to teach and how to teach it.
Meanwhile at Harmon, dean Van Horne meets with Hoyt Ambrose, a rich law student and head of the KBE fraternity (which Sherman is trying to become a member of), to discuss building a gateway for Harmon using land presently being used by South Harmon.
He tries finding the leaseholder of the land, to no avail. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Monica, catches him cheating on her, and a big party at South Harmon lures a chunk of Harmon’s students away, including Monica into the arms of Bartleby.
Now Hoyt uses Sherman, knowing he has been bouncing between the two schools, in an attempt to bring South Harmon down for good.
However, Bartleby has an accreditation appointment with the state Board of Education to prove South Harmon’s worthiness.


Eclipse Cover
HARDCORE FANS, THOSE who didn’t read the books, and even those who weren’t able to watch the two previous “Twilight” saga movies are sure to enjoy the movie version of “Eclipse”. Starting off with a certain Seattle native named Riley Biers being bitten by the vampire Victoria, the movie promises to give viewers a lot of exciting things to the next two hours. Bent on becoming a bloodsucker after graduation , but still not being fully supported by her vampire boyfriend Edward , Bella’s life gets even more complicated when she becomes the target if an army of freshly bitten vampire led by Riley Biers. Interestingly, the Cullen clan teams up with Jacob Black and the rest of the warewolf pack, forgetting their differences for a while to protect the endangered Bella, who by now has become the hottest girl on the planet. If you saw “New Moon” , you will notice that some things haven’t changed. The vampires still wear kabuki make-up and have actually already perfected the constipated look, especially Jasper, looks funny in the movie. Some of the characters hair will make you laugh too. Take , for example , Alice , who do not only sports an unflattering hairstyle , but even dons a big black bow in one of the scenes , making her look like she’s trying to be cute. And as usual, the Cullens , when all together(especially when waiting for the enemies) look like they’re posing for a forced goth Gap ad , with all the pouts and fierce facial expression , plus color-coordinated get-ups. Despite of these repetitions, which are somehow forgivable and actually entertaining, the movie has so much more to offer. For starters, there is the new character: army leader Riley Biers, the jealous and snooty warewolf Leah Clearwater; and a young freshly-bitten, scene stealing vampire It’s nice to deviate from the three main characters love triangle, too, thanks to the interesting back stories of Jasper and Rosalie, delivered “True Blood” flashback style Another fresh change is how Jacob is now openly fighting for Bella. Gone is the shy, keep-it-to-myself Jacob. Jacob made a very good point when he explained to Bella how he is better for her because she’s doesn’t have to change or say goodbye to those she loves, for him. The saga’s third installment is sexier than the previous two movies. Jacob has more topless scene (the first one made the audience go “wow” in unison) even bringing Edward to say “Doesn’t he own a shirt?” There is a lot of hugging and kissing. Virginity is tackled. And Edward’s stand on pre marital se is revealed (Bella say’s it ancient) It is easy to conclude that “Eclipse” is so far the best among the three “Twilight” movies , even if that’s just because the first one was too basic and forgivable and so the second one was naturally better given the weak beginning. But to be fair “Eclipse” is filled with great lines (“lets face it, I’m hotter than you” said Jacob) another is “what about when Jacob said “the clouds I can handle but I cant fight an eclipse”, That’s basically the whole reason its called eclipse So enjoyable is “Eclipse” that those who watch it will definitely be impatient for the two part “Breaking Dawn” movies.