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Strawberry Ice Cream from Benguet

When our bus stop at the Strawberry Fields, I noticed many tourists buying “dirty” ice cream from ice cream vendors. (“Dirty” ice cream is just the term used to refer to ice cream not manufactured by ice cream factories; Possible Explanation here ).

I have already finished buying strawberries when I saw more tourists buying and eating strawberry ice cream. I decided to take the risk of stomach trouble; I also bought an ice cream cone. The strawberry ice cream was delicious! I bought another one; it was more a strawberry-flavored than an ice cream because it wasn’t creamy, Original flavor and I can taste some real strawberry on it , not the artificial one(the one that is made via artificial flavor)


Crave Burger

Crave Burger

WHEN MY BURGER MOMENTS come, they are usually dependent on whether my buds are in search of the real “bloody”-beef-tasting patties or beef burger patties that are seasoned to perfection.

The burger served was huge! The first bite, fantastic! Crave burgers belong to the perfectly seasoned type, a perfect stand-alone patty with little need for condiments.

Crave Burgers in Iloilo City is a small yet very attractive place to hangout and dine. For years, it has been a favorite stop for students, travelers, and even businesspeople who are craving for super delicious hamburgers. This Iloilo restaurant has a cheerful and casual atmosphere, which matches the affordable prices of its special food offerings. This dining facility has some very nice lighting inside, which helps people feel at home while they gorge over their preferred hamburgers and snacks. Another major plus about this restaurant is that it provides special delivery services straight right into the homes of its valued customers.