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Images SEO tips

1. Name images correctly: Be it on Blogger or WordPress platform, the most important part of the image SEO is the naming. We usually process and upload mobile, camera or web images directly to our blog without caring about how it is named. Make sure that the image includes targeted keywords with _ or – separating words. The image format is not a problem, but it seems that .JPG is widely preferred. An image with the proper name will get more preference from search engines than a RAW image.

2. Fill ALT and Captions: Alt tag means alternative tags. These tags are used by search engines to recognize images. A simple implementation of an ALT tab is given below.


Here the text filed between alt=”” gives a rough idea of the image to the search engines and they will position it accordingly. Moreover, people using a text-only browser or a screen reader can easily understand the image details by reading these tags. If you are on Google Blogger platform, you have to add ALT tags manually after uploading images. It can be done from the the HTML editor after uploading the image. In WordPress you have options to add ALT tags right from the image uploader.

3. Position the image inside or nearer to an article formatted within the SEO rules.

4. Link to the image with anchor text as the required keyword.

6. In WordPress, check your robots.txt file and make sure that your images are allowed to get indexed. If you are using Blogger, there is another step to make your images SEO friendly and available in the search engines. Many of the bloggers suing doesn’t know that their images are automatically uploaded to Google Picasa. Usually these images are private and held as unlisted. To make them public, go to any album on Picasa> Edit> album properties> Now select public and save. You can label each image in the album section for more search engine visibility.

7. Edit and crop images to avoid duplicates: The search engines are now powerful than it was before. Google Image Search has several options that let you choose images based on color, type and other factors. Also there are some services like Google Goggles that let you search the web by taking a photo of an object. So that means, Google knows the properties of all existing images in its search index. So when you’re copying an image from Google search, crop it and add text and other details to make it stand-out from other copies.

The above given are some of the best on-page image SEO techniques to get better rankings. However, the actual position of the images in search may vary depending upon the incoming links to page, website quality, Home page PageRank and many other factors. You can build external links by bookmarking images to Digg, Reddit, Mixx and other similar services.



What’s Wikileaks?

Wikileaks, that profound leaker of classified government documents, is pretty much just that: It’s a non-profit media organization that publishes documents submitted by anonymous sources and leaks. The website was founded and launched in 2007 by Australian journalist and activist Julian Paul Assange.

Despite its reputation as a whistleblower, the site has earned a number of awards, including the 2008 Economist magazine New Media Award and Amnesty International’s UK Media Award for its work in 2008. Much of its work has been to outing human rights violations, political missteps, government censorship, details of war crimes, and government intelligence.

One common misconception about Wikileaks is that it is part of the Wikipedia empire. (In fact, even Turkey’s prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made this mistake when questioning the legitimacy of the most recently leaked documents, noting that “the seriousness of Wikipedia is doubtful.”) A fundamental difference between the two, which the Wikipedia itself notes, is that unlike the open-editing credo of Wikipedia entries, once Wikileaks material cannot be altered by the public once published.

Things you have to know about the New Twitter

Twitter has been rolling out a new and improved version which offers “a faster, easier and richer way to discover what’s new in the world.” A lot of changes have been made and if you’re so accustomed to the old version, New Twitter may get you going, “WTF?” But it’s actually quite simple. Here are the key changes and improvements that you should know about:

1. New layout – The first thing you’re gonna notice is that the page is different. The right panel is significantly wider to squeeze a lot of things in there. Interestingly, the dimensions aren’t random. The Fibonacci spiral is actually used to determine the proportions of the page.

2. New toggling – The left panel, which used to only house the timeline, is improved for easy toggling between the original timeline, @mentions, retweets, searches and lists. It doesn’t display what platform (like Tweetdeck) you’re tweeting from, which was visible in old Twitter.

3. New streaming – Scrolling down to the bottom of the page will bring up older tweets. Before, you’ll have to click a “more” link to view back into the timeline. Twitter has adapted a Tumblr-like mechanism that will allow you to scroll down endlessly.

4. New context – Hovering over a tweet on your timeline will show an arrow. Clicking on it transforms your right panel into a details pane that includes replies to that tweet, retweets and @mentions. It will also give you a rundown of the person’s latest tweets.

5. New preview – Clicking on a friend’s name will being up a preview of their profile on the fight panel. It includes quick links to direct message, list and follow/unfollow. Their recent tweets are also previewed.

6. New replies – Replies will now include all the @mentions in the original tweet. For example, if you’ll be replying to a tweet by @FriendOne that mentioned @FriendTwo in it, your reply template will appear as “@FriendOne @FriendTwo [space for reply].” This will not be on the “What’s happening?” field at the top of the timeline. Instead, a popup box will appear when you click on “Reply.” The original tweet will be visible at the bottom of the box for reference.

7. New “What’s happening?” – You can still tweet using the “What’s happening?” field. But if you click on that little square at the upper right side of the page, a popup box will be brought up. Making an @mention is easier because the field now haves an auto-complete feature, which means you can never get the name of the friend you’re gonna mention wrong.

8. New media – Clicking on a tweet with a picture link will allow you to view the picture on the right column alongside the tweet. You don’t have to click on the link anymore like before and be directed to an external Web page. This is available for videos as well.

9. New profile – You now have a bigger avatar and your bio details and Web site are moved from the right to the left. Your personal timeline features your avatar in every tweet, like the homepage timeline.

10. New messages – The DM page is streamlined to look more like an inbox. People you’ve DM-ed with are organized on the left panel. Clicking on one of them will open a timeline of your exchanges of messages on the right panel. Creating a new message brings up a popup box with auto-complete features on the “To” field.

Bad side of social networks

I do not think any one of us new to the term social networks , how many social networks out there ? . And I am sure you belong to at least one of them. When I say social networks there are different kind of networks. Some of them are profession networks such as LinkedIn , and some of them are network for fun (facebook) , some of them to share images (flicker). Not only that number of social networks are going up very rapidly. Others are MySpace , the old school Friendster and latest craze Twitter .

If we look at those social networks , different network gather different data from us. If we look at the professional networks they will collect data like places where you have worked , type of the work you have done. On the other hand if you look at fun type of networks , it collects data like what do you like to do at the leisure time , what places you would like to visit and etc… , at the end of the day all those networks collect so much of personal data from you. With knowing or not knowing , we let those applications to collect and share our data. I agree that I am also a member of a number of networks.

Here are the list of problem associate with having those personal data for public usage.

First thing is you start to receive a number of unwanted or what we call as junk mail , because someone can find your name and email from those networks and then find the areas your are interested in and then send emails. And we all know what happen when your email address goes public.

Second , from those social networks one can find your friends. And then someone can send emails or photo links as your friends sending to you [A good example is tagging and commenting in facebook]. When you see a mail from your friend saying look at this nice picture , you are most likely to click that link. Then it might take you to bad site and ask your to login to the applications which is similar to the that of your social network home page. Then they can collect your user name and password. This is very risky because most of the people use same user name and password for various places.

Third , say you have a friend call “Foo” in facebook , then that person is not there in your professional network. Now what happen is someone (not Foo) can send an invitation asking adding you as a friend in your professional networks. Since the name is familiar to you , without checking too much you will allow to add that person to your network. Once you allow , he can send request to some other friend of you , then that person will also allow , because he is already a friend of yours. This is often happen in entertaining network like facebook.

I am sure there are enough information out there in various social networks , where someone can collect those information and do online transactions or login into your bank accounts. In my view I think social network help a lot for phishing attacks as well.

One thing to remember is yes , social networks are good and fun as well as help a lot. But there is bad site of that, we need to know what kind of data we allow to share. Specially , when you provide your personal information like birthday , address , phone numbers think twice and provide.

Internet Blacklist!

In the United States, a new law proposal called The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) was introduced last week, and there will be a hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee this Thursday.

If passed, this law will allow the government, under the command of the media companies, to censor the internet as they see fit, like China and Iran do, with the difference that the sites they decide to censor will be completely removed from the internet and not just in the US.

Please see the following article from the Huffington Post for more information.

Stop the Internet Blacklist

And if you are a US citizen, please take the time to sign this petition – Petition to Stop the Internet Blacklist!

COICA Bill Here

370 Passwords That Twitter Won’t Allow You To Use posted a list of 370 passwords that Twitter bans its members from using when they sign up for new accounts. They range from the obvious — “password,” “twitter,” etc. — to the obscene and bizarre.

Why ban them? They’re very easy for humans and brute-force hacking scripts to figure out, making it easier for people to get access to your account. On Twitter, this can be embarrassing. On other sites, this can be very costly.

A good, strong password is long, has multiple numbers and letters, mixes upper and lower case, and includes special characters like ! or &. Different sites use different security techniques, and might not allow some characters. But in general, the harder to remember, the better! [Tech Crunch]

Here’s the full list of banned Twitter passwords, via TechCrunch: (Click Read More)

1. 111111
2. 11111111
3. 112233
4. 121212
5. 123123
6. 123456
7. 1234567
8. 12345678
9. 131313
10. 232323
11. 654321
12. 666666
13. 696969
14. 777777
15. 7777777
16. 8675309
17. 987654
18. aaaaaa
19. abc123
20. abc123
21. abcdef
22. abgrtyu
23. access
24. access14
25. action
26. albert
27. alexis
28. amanda
29. amateur
30. andrea
31. andrew
32. angela
33. angels
34. animal
35. anthony
36. apollo
37. apples
38. arsenal
39. arthur
40. asdfgh
41. asdfgh
42. ashley
43. august
44. austin
45. badboy
46. bailey
47. banana
48. barney
49. baseball
50. batman
51. beaver
52. beavis
53. bigdaddy
54. bigdog
55. birdie
56. bitches
57. biteme
58. blazer
59. blonde
60. blondes
61. bond007
62. bonnie
63. booboo
64. booger
65. boomer
66. boston
67. brandon
68. brandy
69. braves
70. brazil
71. bronco
72. broncos
73. bulldog
74. buster
75. butter
76. butthead
77. calvin
78. camaro
79. cameron
80. canada
81. captain
82. carlos
83. carter
84. casper
85. charles
86. charlie
87. cheese
88. chelsea
89. chester
90. chicago
91. chicken
92. cocacola
93. coffee
94. college
95. compaq
96. computer
97. cookie
98. cooper
99. corvette
100. cowboy
101. cowboys
102. crystal
103. dakota
104. dallas
105. daniel
106. danielle
107. debbie
108. dennis
109. diablo
110. diamond
111. doctor
112. doggie
113. dolphin
114. dolphins
115. donald
116. dragon
117. dreams
118. driver
119. eagle1
120. eagles
121. edward
122. einstein
123. erotic
124. extreme
125. falcon
126. fender
127. ferrari
128. firebird
129. fishing
130. florida
131. flower
132. flyers
133. football
134. forever
135. freddy
136. freedom
137. gandalf
138. gateway
139. gators
140. gemini
141. george
142. giants
143. ginger
144. golden
145. golfer
146. gordon
147. gregory
148. guitar
149. gunner
150. hammer
151. hannah
152. hardcore
153. harley
154. heather
155. helpme
156. hockey
157. hooters
158. horney
159. hotdog
160. hunter
161. hunting
162. iceman
163. iloveyou
164. internet
165. iwantu
166. jackie
167. jackson
168. jaguar
169. jasmine
170. jasper
171. jennifer
172. jeremy
173. jessica
174. johnny
175. johnson
176. jordan
177. joseph
178. joshua
179. junior
180. justin
181. killer
182. knight
183. ladies
184. lakers
185. lauren
186. leather
187. legend
188. letmein
189. little
190. london
191. lovers
192. maddog
193. madison
194. maggie
195. magnum
196. marine
197. marlboro
198. martin
199. marvin
200. master
201. matrix
202. matthew
203. maverick
204. maxwell
205. melissa
206. member
207. mercedes
208. merlin
209. michael
210. michelle
211. mickey
212. midnight
213. miller
214. mistress
215. monica
216. monkey
217. monkey
218. monster
219. morgan
220. mother
221. mountain
222. muffin
223. murphy
224. mustang
225. naked
226. nascar
227. nathan
228. naughty
229. ncc1701
230. newyork
231. nicholas
232. nicole
233. nipple
234. nipples
235. oliver
236. orange
237. packers
238. panther
239. panties
240. parker
241. password
242. password
243. password1
244. password12
245. password123
246. patrick
247. peaches
248. peanut
249. pepper
250. phantom
251. phoenix
252. player
253. please
254. pookie
255. porsche
256. prince
257. princess
258. private
259. purple
260. pussies
261. qazwsx
262. qwerty
263. qwertyui
264. rabbit
265. rachel
266. racing
267. raiders
268. rainbow
269. ranger
270. rangers
271. rebecca
272. redskins
273. redsox
274. redwings
275. richard
276. robert
277. rocket
278. rosebud
279. runner
280. rush2112
281. russia
282. samantha
283. sammy
284. samson
285. sandra
286. saturn
287. scooby
288. scooter
289. scorpio
290. scorpion
291. secret
292. sexsex
293. shadow
294. shannon
295. shaved
296. sierra
297. silver
298. skippy
299. slayer
300. smokey
301. snoopy
302. soccer
303. sophie
304. spanky
305. sparky
306. spider
307. squirt
308. srinivas
309. startrek
310. starwars
311. steelers
312. steven
313. sticky
314. stupid
315. success
316. summer
317. sunshine
318. superman
319. surfer
320. swimming
321. sydney
322. taylor
323. tennis
324. teresa
325. tester
326. testing
327. theman
328. thomas
329. thunder
330. thx1138
331. tiffany
332. tigers
333. tigger
334. tomcat
335. topgun
336. toyota
337. travis
338. trouble
339. trustno1
340. tucker
341. turtle
342. twitter
343. united
344. vagina
345. victor
346. victoria
347. viking
348. voodoo
349. voyager
350. walter
351. warrior
352. welcome
353. whatever
354. william
355. willie
356. wilson
357. winner
358. winston
359. winter
360. wizard
361. xavier
362. xxxxxx
363. xxxxxxxx
364. yamaha
365. yankee
366. yankees
367. yellow
368. zxcvbn
369. zxcvbnm
370. zzzzzz