Azkals (Philippine Football Team)

Hey look its the Philippines ? haha.

Nha , if you did this thing and you are the President of the National Sports Association of basketball . Tomorrow somebody will throw paints or even grenades at your home/house. Good thing its Soccer/football. Not a big thing here in the Philippines(Its basketball , Billiards and Boxing in here). Good thing to this guy who messed up with the Philippine Football, not a big thing for now I guess , but if he did it some football crazy nation like Brazil and Argentina. He may kiss he’s beautiful life good bye by tomorrow.

I played football like 8 years ago. And Still I’m playing till today. I know some players in the Philippine National. I knew sir chiffy back then, he was one of our first coaches in football. Another is Mark Ferrer , during my early years I played against him, and he battered our rookie laden and newly formed team 10 – 1( 1 is still there goal. own goal) its kinda embarrassing and total nightmare for a newly formed team.

8 Years ago. The PFF is quite active in maintaining some National Training Centers where one of my teammate was included. National Training Centers was a grassroots program that intend to develop footballers at early age. They are in house , like a dorm. live as team and play as team. Just like the Chinese dormitories for sports. The national football team chooses its pool of players from the national training centers around the Philippines. But specifically the hotbed of football in the Philippines is Iloilo. The Province of Iloilo. Its where the big two footballing towns collide. Sta Barabara and Barotac Nuevo . These two towns are hotbed of football talents. Its where most of the filipino national football team members are from. Towns around this big two Football towns are also strong, but at the end of the line at provincial meet , its always the big two collide. Some of players I knew said , that the training at the provincial level was far more difficult than the National Level. They said the real competition is in Provincial level , because when it come to national , they always play level head and Western Visayas is powerhouse team in Football, just like Basketball for the National Capital Region. Ironically some players in Manila who play football also hails from Iloilo. Universities such as FEU and UST are getting most of their football team players in Iloilo. University Teams in Iloilo are strong also , like Western Institute of Technology and John B Lacson Maritime University , they are the prime rivals of West Negros University and University of St La Salle (Ironically some of mainstay players came from Iloilo). This University teams also has PHL team members on its squad (Azkals , 🙂 )

nahh..too much talk.

I was planning to go this year on world cup at South Africa, but after busy stuffs and other are useless stuffs, I just to give it up. I just said I got more world cup. not at South Africa, but 2014 is Brazil., so that could the time. Maybe 2014 is not so realistic for the Philippines but it be , and still there is Russia in 2018, and Qatar at 2022!

First time I saw world cup was I was 8 where France (with the great Zidane) beat the young and savy Ronaldo lead Brazil.
at the next world cup Korea and Japan. That was the time our newly established football club , attains so much success for rookie football team. We bested Sta Barbara many times.(its age 12 and under and 14 and under) that could be short lived success for our football club, but I still remembered during our time. we are the only 15 kids playing football(I remembered Chiffy Caligdong(the number 13 at Azkals) as one of our first mentors on football . Now its just like more and more kids played football from 15. From 15 kids playing football, in spread like wildfire. 15 of us going different way , different local teams. I also remembered that 15 of us match against old players(nahh not old adult , players who played football during their times) Now during then every year football is included in the summer sports league.

Here is it the Destructive Politics of the Philippines ! no much explanation just read it and get pissed(hope FIFA would not suspend us for these, the football federation did not support the National Team)
Now here is A letter from Azkals (Philippine Football Team)

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