Pacquiao wins 8th World Boxing Title

Manila, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao took Mexican fighter Antonio Margarito to school after giving the “Tijuana Tornado” a sound beating and thus winning his record 8th world boxing title in their scheduled 12-round WBC super welterweight championship at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Pacquiao was aggressive all throughout, throwing punching combinations which Margarito failed to dodge.

At one point all Margarito could do was smile, believing that the Pac-Man was indeed fast and for real.

However, Margarito would just not go down. Despite fighting with a clear handicap and impaired vision due to the beating he took, Margarito held his ground and would not give Pacquiao a knockout.

For Pacquiao, the win was a record 8th world boxing title, a feat that will truly be hard to surpass by any boxer.

The score cards showed 120-108, 118-110, 119-109, all for Manny Pacquiao en route to a unanimous decision victory.


ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) – Manny Pacquiao used both speed and power in a dominating performance Saturday night to beat Antonio Margarito and win their 150-pound showdown.

Pacquiao landed early and often, bloodying Margarito’s face, closing his right eye and nearly closing his left. Pacquiao seemed on the verge of stopping Margarito in the late rounds, but had to settle for a lopsided decision.

It was the eighth different title won by Pacquiao, the Filipino star who also is a congressman in his native land. And it was a magnificent performance against a tough opponent who both outweighed him by nearly 20 pounds and towered over him.

Margarito tried gamely but he simply had no answer as Pacquiao landed punches in flurries from the opening bell, snapping Margarito’s head back time and time again. By the middle rounds his face was a bloody mess as Pacquiao landed punches seemingly at will.

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