Break Up Lines

If your partner said these words to you , it might be over ( might is a might 🙂 )

“You deserve someone better”
“You know , I’ll be jealous to your future wife/husband” (even if your still in a relationship)
“I’m tired , of all of this , this relationship is all about you”
“You know what , you look better in someones arms ”
“Hey , look my ex girlfriend/boyfriend just called me” ( she/he says with the spark in the eye , she/he look excited than disgust)
“Your friends seems to hate me , it might be better if you move on”
“I broke your heart a lot of times already , it might be better if you stop loving me”

“Actually I feel I am not the perfect match for you.”

“I need sometime and space to think about our relationship. You always try to dominate me which I am not ready to accept.”

” You actually are more nice that what I anticipated.I am sorry but I don’t like people who are overprotective”

“You are so rude and you don’t even care for me.You know girls want someone who is very nice and protective ( This one can work if top excuse fails 🙂 )
” Yesterday one of friend saw you with another girl. Do you care to tell me who she was?”
“I’m feeling all cloudy since the moment I heard that you were at the market with another guy/gal. This relationship demands a revision.”
“Let’s face it! We just can’t go on lying to each other forever… I hope you got what I’m talking about.”

Then here is my favorite lines: TOP 5

1: “I love you but I’m not in love with you.”
Translation: “I’m not attracted to you anymore. Sure, I might have been in the past but those feelings are long gone.“

#2: “It’s not you – it’s me!”
Translation: Once again, “I’m not attracted to you anymore.”

Are you starting to see a pattern here? A relationship begins and ends with attraction. When the latter is gone the former soon follows.

#3: “I’m too busy for a relationship right now.”
Translation: “This relationship is more trouble than it’s worth and I’m better off without you.”

There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship – each comes with the good and the bad. And the reason that some work out while others don’t is a direct result of this ratio. You see, every one of us will put up with enough “bads” when the “goods” are plenty in supply.

Therefore, in a case such as this, take a hard look at where you’re “lacking” and reverse that ratio. In fact, go grab a pen and make a list – it will be an eye-opener (as long as you’re objective) and will point you in the right direction.

#4 : “I’m falling for you – too hard (and too fast) – and I’m scared!”

If she hit you with this one then you’re in luck (maybe). One of two things could be happening here:

1) She digs you but your game’s too “tight.” As far as the latter’s concerned – not necessarily a bad thing but if this one’s a keeper you’ll have to tone it down and show her your softer side. In short, reassurance is your best friend here.

2) She’s just plain crazy, in which case, cut your losses and move on. Sticking around will bring you nothing but headaches – or worse – the tables will turn and you’ll end up in heartache.

#5: “You deserve someone better.”
Translation: “I’ll be looking elsewhere to get what you can’t give me.”

“Thanks honey but I like you just fine – let me be the judge of what I deserve.”

Now, that would be a good response to a literal translation but you and I both know that’s not what she means. So give her what she wants or get out of her way.

And there you have it gentlemen… 5 of the most common breakup excuses you’ve either heard or will definitely hear at some point in your dating endeavors.

Now, the million dollar question, “What to do about it?”

Glad you asked. Here goes:

1) Give the situation time and space – DO NOT try to force a change of heart.

2) Analyze (in excruciating detail) what you may or may not have done to bring this about.

3) Take a stepwise approach to correcting the problem.

Then here is the classic one , not one of favorite but still solid ( hahaha)

” I will give your life back , I know you suffered much from me ” — this is classic ! hahaha

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