The Reality Of Global Warming

Global warming is happening because of Carbon dioxide being released into our atmosphere. This is like the city smogs that we used to see in the 1900’s, retaining or trapping the infrared heat from the sun in the atmosphere. Global mean temperature rises can be directly correlated to the mean increase in Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere.

There is significant evidence that our planet’s weather and climate patterns are changing rapidly as a direct result of Global Warming. Droughts, receding glaciers and ice caps, extreme storms, rises in ocean temperatures and sea levels, shifts in distribution of organisms and diseases. Many think human activities are a significant contributing cause. As of this year, compelling scientific evidence has come to light to quantify this issue (Oct 2007). The rate at which Carbon Dioxide is being absorbed by the world’s oceans has now depreciated significantly. This is because oceans are now overloaded with Carbon Dioxide. From this point forward, more and more of our CO2 output will go straight into the atmosphere, adding to global warming.

“The Arctic is receding very quickly (as a direct result of Global Warming) according to reports from scientists and arctic natives. The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment was released in late 2004, and shows changes from the ice at the North Pole to animals and human settlements. More recent reports from Greenland reveal glaciers moving meters per hour and rapidly thinning. The Arctic ice cap is shrinking in summer to the smallest it has ever been in modern measurements, and even winter cold has not been refreezing it as much as before. Basically, there’s a rise in overall sea level going on, coupled with an increase in violent weather, so coastal areas will get hit very hard from now on.

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