Haunted Places in The Philippines

Baguio City – Diplomat Hotel – This was a
Seminary during the early 1900, world war 2 came and several priest and
nuns were killed some of them beheaded by japanese occupying forces.
This was converted into a hotel after the war. In it self it was pretty
eerie, big rooms with to king size beds bibles at the side tables and
the rooms are dimly lit. Clerks, bell hops, and hotel guest, complain
of wailing even during day time, and when night comes, apparitions of
headless priest roam the corridors, some even say that they see ghost
carrying their heads on a platter. Haunting s are not limited inside
the hotel for when you stroll outside the compound you would see
neighboring houses with crosses painted on their doors and windows, and
are kept shut when darkness falls.

Baguio City – Philippine
Military Academy – Several ghosts haunt
this place. Sometimes late at night a platoon can be heard marching in
the parade grounds. A ghost of a cadet dressed in parade uniform and
left in one of the lockers still appears. A ghost of a priest who was
beheaded during the Japanese occupation period appears here as well as
the ghost of a white lady.

Baguio City – Teacher’s
Camp – It is believed that this was once a
battlefield of the native citizens there. Ghosts of native warriors, as
well as spirits that are still restless, are reportedly seen there.

Corregidor – Hospital
Ruins, and bunkers – Sounds of activities can be
heard within the area of the hospital ruins, which were destroyed
during WW2, sounds such as footsteps, and rumblings of normal hospital
activities. Around the bunker area, sounds of ghostly moans can be
heard, assorted noises as well.

Corregidor – Malinta
Tunnel – Witnesses report eerie sounds and
seeing a spirit near by.

Davao City – Juna
Subdivision – Champaca Street – ghosts caught on
video and seen by the naked eye.

Diliman Teacher’s Village – Claret
School qc – Many stories were spread since 97
the first was the high school student who jumped from the 5th floor to
the ground that appears when the area is silent and the 2nd is the
headless priest. That school is said to be an old cemetery.

Espana – Manila –
University of Santo Tomas – Ghosts and wailing
voices are heard from the 3rd and 2nd floars of UST Main
Building.  Since this is the oldest building in the oldest
Catholic university in the Philippines, it is undoubted that some
Spanish friars and Filipino souls were tormented and killed in
this place.

Iloilo City – Central
Philippine University (CPU) – This school was
founded by American Missionaries and during WW2 many of the
missionaries were executed by the Japanese.

Iloilo City – Central
Philippine University (CPU) – Football FieldA female ghost is said to be seen jogging on the
tracks early in the morning. She is said to join you while you are
jogging and strikes up a conversation and will disappear after she
passes a certain spot. Several students, teachers, and the school
president have reported jogging with her.

Iloilo City – Central
Philippine University (CPU) – Ruby HallA
school janitor as well as students and teachers have reported that wile
passing by the building at night after it is locked down, one
classrooms lights would always be turned on while everything else is
shut off. They have reported strange imp like creatures running around
the classroom. This is one of the most haunted halls in the university.
This is a medical hall and it houses several cadavers for the use of
the med. students. From cold spots and moving furniture, to sometimes
being pushed or tripped while walking.

Iloilo City – Central
Philippine University (CPU) – Valentine HallThe ghost of a dead female student haunts the women’s
restroom, several female students since the early 70’s have reported
seeing her. The ghost is usually seen during noon. Classes have been
interrupted because of screams from the girls. According to the
students she appears behind them while they are looking in the mirror
while doing their make up or fixing their hair. The ghost of Rev.
Valentine who was beheaded can be seen on certain nights standing at
the entrance of the hall dedicated to him. The ghost is reported to be

Katipunan – Quezon City –
Balete Drive – Balete Drive is a residential
area famous for the apparition of a white lady. It is told that there
was a teenage girl who was raped by a cab driver in the 50s in that
area. It is possible that the lady of Balete is seeking revenge. Never
walk alone at night in eerie Balete Drive.

Katipunan – Quezon City –
Miriam College – the land where the school sits
on now used stand a hospital and a market which burned down before
becoming a school. Students have told me that you can see a nun walking
in front of the mausoleum where it is said that the nuns who ran the
school during its beginning are buried.

Katipunan – Quezon City –
Miriam College – 1st Floor CafeteriaThere
has been sightings of a bodiless (only head and feet) woman appearing
in the stall of women’s bathroom the 1st floor cafeteria in the grade
school building.

Katipunan – Quezon City –
Miriam College – Caritas Buildingon
the 2nd floor ladies comfort room of the caritas building a nun haunts
the bathroom and is said to peak over the stall while girls are using
the bathroom. A face can be seen when you look above the door, but
there are no feet when you look below the door

Katipunan – Quezon City –
Miriam College – CSCthere was also
this “manananggal” that lives there. It used to be a student that was
hit by a car inside the campus. Rumors are that every school fair,
someone faints.

Katipunan – Quezon City –
Miriam College – High School AV RoomThere
There has also been sightings of an evil entity in the AV room in the
high school building…a student was said to be getting ready in that
room for an evening performance when she saw, in the mirror, a face
with an evil look smiling at her.

Katipunan – Quezon City –
Miriam College – Immaculate Heart Of Mary HallOne witness claims that when they where in Grade 3
encountered that a spirit scratched her ankle when they were doing the
99 steps. And then, when she came back to the corridor, she was crying.
And then she told us all to cover our nametags and never shout our name
until class time.

Katipunan – Quezon City –
Miriam College – Miriam Of Nazareth Hallin the Grade 2 bathroom, there was this girl who was
washing her hands, and there was a demon that came out of the toilet
bowl. The girl prayed hard but nothing happened.

Katipunan – Quezon City –
University of the Philippines Diliman – Ghosts
sightings at the College of Education, College of Science Library,
Palma Hall, College of Mass Communication, UP Main Library.

Makati City – Asian
Institute of Management – A Professor died of a
heart attack a few years ago in one of lecture rooms on the third floor
of the main building. There are voices; shadows and cold spots can be
felt in that specific room where the professor died. His car remains in
the faculty parking area even until now.

Makati City – International
School Manila (Former Campus) – Fine Arts TheatreOne year, one of the high school students was acting
as the stage manager for the Community Play. The theatre was already
uncomfortable for her when it was dark, but one night, on her way out,
she was leaving through the front doors of the auditorium, something
she couldn’t see followed her up the aisle. Very aggressive, very
menacing and very scary. She ran out the door just in time as they
slammed shut behind her. Suffice it to say, she never stayed in the
theater alone again.

Manila – Arellano high
school – there are spirits mostly seen by the
students and teachers because when a building in front of the school
collapsed by an earthquake many years ago, the remains were placed in
the said school. so the spirits were staying in that place.

Manila – De La Salle
University – A chapel located on the 2nd floor
of the De La Salle University -main Building is haunted by several
ghosts said to be the victims of a mass killing during World War
II.  They start haunting the place when evening has crept in and
the area is already silent.  Sightings of headless monks and
screams of people are being heard there during rainy nights.

Manila – Film Center – When the construction of Film Center at the Cultural
Center of the Philippines complex was rushed in the early 1980s for a
film fest, the ceiling scaffolding collapsed killing several workmen
who fell to the orchestra below. Rather than halt construction to
rescue survivors and retrieve the bodies of dead workmen, cement was
poured into the orchestra, entombing the fallen workmen. Some of them
were buried alive in the orchestra. Various ghostly activities were
reported on the site including mysterious sounds, voices and
poltergeist activity. In the late 1990s a group called the Spirit
Questors began to make visits to the film center in an attempt to
contact and appease the souls of the workmen who were killed in the
building. Some of these spirits claimed to have moved on but a few
allegedly remain.   

Manila – Ozone Disco – Once there was a disco there and it caught on fire
people tried to get out but people were pushing and panicking so no one
got out. Some people hear disco music in their houses at night and see
faint people dancing and no one can explain how.

Manila – Rizal Park area –
Near the Rizal Park in Manila has the angry
spirits of dead Japanese soldiers in the ruins of a building outside of
the park. many Japanese soldiers died in the building when it was
blasted. Reports of a cold presence and menacing feelings.

Muntinlupa – San Jose
Village – An overgrown black bird with powerful
wings can be heard circling the village whenever there’s a pregnant
woman. It’s wings are so powerful that you’ll sometimes feel like its
windy but only on the place where you’re standing at.

Muntinlupa – San Jose
Village – St. Bernadette St.From 12
midnight onwards, a lot of tricycle drivers have already encountered
the white lady who loves to get a free ride. More often, this lady
would be sitting beside the driver. Other times, a red lady is said to
roam around the area following people who dread to walk this haunted
street at night.

Muntinlupa – San Jose
Village – St. Clemence Street Another
white lady haunts St. Clemence Street where her hair stands up and
appears to be very angry.

Muntinlupa – San Jose
Village – St. George Street At St.
George Street you can sometimes hear someone calling you but the voice
is hidden in the tall grasses beside the street.

Muntinlupa – San Jose
Village – St. Josepha mysterious
headless priest is said to haunt the playground and the hill beside it.

Muntinlupa – San Jose
Village – St. Peter’s Street Ghostly
apparitions of people partying near an old cave at St. Peter’s Street
can be seen during unholy hours from 12mn to 3am.

San Juan Greenhills – Resalest
educational center – A principal who haunts the
students and stole money from them, people said that the haunted
principal is a greedy ghost who lives in that school.

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