Things you have to know about the New Twitter

Twitter has been rolling out a new and improved version which offers “a faster, easier and richer way to discover what’s new in the world.” A lot of changes have been made and if you’re so accustomed to the old version, New Twitter may get you going, “WTF?” But it’s actually quite simple. Here are the key changes and improvements that you should know about:

1. New layout – The first thing you’re gonna notice is that the page is different. The right panel is significantly wider to squeeze a lot of things in there. Interestingly, the dimensions aren’t random. The Fibonacci spiral is actually used to determine the proportions of the page.

2. New toggling – The left panel, which used to only house the timeline, is improved for easy toggling between the original timeline, @mentions, retweets, searches and lists. It doesn’t display what platform (like Tweetdeck) you’re tweeting from, which was visible in old Twitter.

3. New streaming – Scrolling down to the bottom of the page will bring up older tweets. Before, you’ll have to click a “more” link to view back into the timeline. Twitter has adapted a Tumblr-like mechanism that will allow you to scroll down endlessly.

4. New context – Hovering over a tweet on your timeline will show an arrow. Clicking on it transforms your right panel into a details pane that includes replies to that tweet, retweets and @mentions. It will also give you a rundown of the person’s latest tweets.

5. New preview – Clicking on a friend’s name will being up a preview of their profile on the fight panel. It includes quick links to direct message, list and follow/unfollow. Their recent tweets are also previewed.

6. New replies – Replies will now include all the @mentions in the original tweet. For example, if you’ll be replying to a tweet by @FriendOne that mentioned @FriendTwo in it, your reply template will appear as “@FriendOne @FriendTwo [space for reply].” This will not be on the “What’s happening?” field at the top of the timeline. Instead, a popup box will appear when you click on “Reply.” The original tweet will be visible at the bottom of the box for reference.

7. New “What’s happening?” – You can still tweet using the “What’s happening?” field. But if you click on that little square at the upper right side of the page, a popup box will be brought up. Making an @mention is easier because the field now haves an auto-complete feature, which means you can never get the name of the friend you’re gonna mention wrong.

8. New media – Clicking on a tweet with a picture link will allow you to view the picture on the right column alongside the tweet. You don’t have to click on the link anymore like before and be directed to an external Web page. This is available for videos as well.

9. New profile – You now have a bigger avatar and your bio details and Web site are moved from the right to the left. Your personal timeline features your avatar in every tweet, like the homepage timeline.

10. New messages – The DM page is streamlined to look more like an inbox. People you’ve DM-ed with are organized on the left panel. Clicking on one of them will open a timeline of your exchanges of messages on the right panel. Creating a new message brings up a popup box with auto-complete features on the “To” field.

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