It is not enough

Bla Bla Bla Bla

I feel so good that , I’m buying some legal software , Started buying Genuine software , about 3 months.

Damn there are so expensive . I know that piracy is far from ending its glory days, There would be more innovation in piracy and file sharing and its far from over.

But I started buying some software products , and I think you should have at least have a decent paying job(unlike mine) in order to make your computer as legal as possible.

So far here is the software that I bought , to make my computer as legal as possible.

Operating System ( Windows 7 )   –     $260

Office Productivity( MS Office  )   –     $215

Adobe Photoshop and ETC(CS3)    –  $ 155

Lotus Notes                                             -$120

FIFA 10                                                    –  $ 29

FIFA 11                                                      – $55

Total                                                             $834

In just 6 software , I just shed a huge sum of money , maybe the 2 are useless for somebody ( Yeah the FIFA 10 and FIFA 11)

Maybe my OS , Windows 7 is the baseline , there is no alternative for Windows 7, (Linux is okay , I like free softwares , but linux is linux) In case of the office productivity software , I could use some opensource software , but Microsoft Office is far better than Open Office (maybe you think open office is better , yes its better because its free , but what if MS Office free too ? would you like to use Open Office? )

The adobe Photoshop thing ? No I’m just crazy that I bought that one , I don’t have any productivity in the Adobe , but still I’m practicing my abysmal art skill .(haha)

The lotus notes is not my choice , but I bought it for the sake that somebody needed it ,

The FIFA 10 and FIFA 11 , I just bought FIFA 10 months before the release of FIFA 11 so maybe a little regret , but FIFA 10 is worth though .

$800 is already a huge amount for me , its about 60% of my average monthly gains.

Yep I’m receiving a little amount between $550 -$ 650 a month , and thats not  full time job ,

And I’m not paying for some other stuffs. I’m not paying for my food and etc , somebody pays it for me(yeah my Parents)

I think $550 per month is so low , maybe its a quality salary here the place(country I am living) , but if I live somewhere else , where the price of the goods are so high , then thats a low. I’m not working full time , and I’m just another student , walking here and there. I’m involved in some stock market trading stuff.

my $600 gains came from stock market gains or lose ( haha) , Some poker stuffs(and sometime a lose , and sometime I win)

My major gains came from Stock Market stuff , but I rarely moved my money from there , It’s just Money Market and Invest. I got long time Investment and etc. I started just in this Stock Market trading game , years back. Started from a little amount of $200 then month by month I just a little $25 (hahaha)

Most of the money that I used to bought the software came from my online poker. But it takes me about 8 month. Which means online poker is not a good source for me.

Out of my $600 per month , rarely withdraw it , I could live $10 a week , because somebody is paying my food(Unless I want more pizza , burgers and pasta)  and etc.

and I’m not the type of person who will just spend here and there .

But my only weakness in spending my money is travel , at my age I travel a lot, no I travel really much . haha…

I go places and spend some few bucks here and there.

The Taxes are also a bad way to shed another few bucks out $600.

Also If a paid the movies and DVD that is  shared to me , maybe I could spend around $100 a month.

But Hey I’m still a student, why I’m still at school? stack for more years?  I guess , I’m just a freaking idiot. Really .

Maybe $600 is a average amount , but hey , what if I’m paying for food , electric bills , rend , fuel and cloths ? Thats a negative gains. $600 is far from the average $3000 to survive in some other places , but $600 is enough in the place where I live. I could get some good burger , pizza and pasta anytime I want.

Maybe the when the time I left(graduated) school I could make $1000-$3000 working full-time. But I don’t know if that amoutn is enough to support my self. One thing I learned about Stock Markets. Economy of the countries so different , “maybe your just another guy here in these place , but when you come to other places , you could be a millionaire or something.

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