Can You Trust Your Current BF/GF If He/She Cheated On Their Ex To Be With You?

The emailed scenario: My current girlfriend cheated on her ex-boyfriend with me, and now we are a couple. That technically means she’s a cheater, so can I then assume that she then has a greater capability/likelihood of cheating on me?

I think that’s a legitimate question that I’d like to toss to our blog readers. My personal experience had the girl cheating on her boyfriend with me, then she ignored me for a extended period of time. After about 6 months, she cheated on him again with me then continued to ignore me again. Eventually when they broke up and we got together, during the duration of the relationship I had it in the back of mind that she definitely had the potential to cheat on me–knowing that she easily did it with her ex and she was very much willing to throw me aside afterward. It eventually took its toll on the relationship because I felt I couldn’t trust her and the trauma of the past would remind me of that regularly. I’m not sure if this guy in the email has established that same amount of distrust, but how about some answers to this general question–can you trust your current bf/gf if he/she cheat on their ex with you? Taking your comments.

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