Break-up via Text or Email. The Brightside.

I would rather like to be dumped via text and definitely not face to face. Why? Because a text message takes out of the equation a lot of the excess misery involved at the moment of the break-up. A text dumped is seen as cowardly and low…but I kinda like it!

Let’s start with the emotional side. A break-up is going to hurt to the same degree no matter how it is conducted. You may feel miserable and miss your newly estranged partner for months, and that usually has no bearing on how the break-up went. So look at the brightside. You don’t have to do the walk of shame back to the car–broken down in tears, looking out at the horizon wondering what hit you–all while still in the vicinity of the person who just shredded you. You don’t want to give that luxury to your new ex.

And the break-up is short and quick. I even think a text message is better than an email because in an SMS, you usually feel pressured to get right to the heart of the message, which is, why you’re calling it quits. (Note: Break-up via Twitter is still a bit too harsh for me. 140 characters just might not be enough).

I think we put too much premium on the “having the courage to break-up with me in person” style of ending relationships. Years ago, a break-up over the phone would be considered ruthless. Now, it is so much more acceptable. I think we should make a push for text message or email break-ups as the “in” thing in ending things.

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