In a Relationship, Men are the First to Say “I Love You”

Could this be true? Wait, let me look back at my past relationships…ugh. It is true. Research was conducted that contradicted the popular myth that men aren’t as expressive about their emotions as females are. Psychologists believe that men are more likely to be swept away by a new relationship than females are (I can attest to this).  Or, could it be that men are quick to say “I Love You” just so they could get to the sex part quicker since they assume that the magic 3 words would get the panty off at a quicker pace (I can also attest to this).

So what is it ladies and gentlemen? Who says it first?

  1. Dont know who says it first. however I have know men to run at 100mph when a women says it first. I have never known a man to run because a woman HAS NOT said ‘Ilove you.’ Men need to feel they have EARNED or DESERVED the ‘Ilove you.’ If it is given too freely or too easily, it sort of loses its value. Love neeeds to be a worthwhile conquest and if the man thinks the woman says ‘Ilove you’ to easily – it loses some of its value. Women make your man really EARN his “I love you.”

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