Industry Secrets You Might Not Know About

Airline Industry. Sadly, there’s A LOT of unqualified pilots in the metro. Pay under the table, and you get your license for free! Easy as a,b,c, huh! Truth is that some of our pilots who haven’t taken a practical test are actually and presently flying around the country. Holy smokes!

Hospital Industry. You know those free medicines public hospitals toss about to poverty-stricken pinoys that make them appear like they’re genuinely generous people? MY GAAD. Those are actually expired drugs, expired medicines, or whateveryoucallitz that they give to these poor people without a mental grasp of shame! The girl who spilled this secret said some of them hospital employees even spend a full day work of removing expiration date labels on the medicines.

Mobile Industry. Mobile phones/communication devices can be tapped. Even your best-kept-secret isn’t saved from this. When a bad-ass person decide to invade your privacy at his own will, there is no escaping on that. He can use it against you, or do it just for FUN. I repeat: just for FUN. Another

BPO Industry.
: Email hacking. Yes! He can access anyone’s email account, even yours. According to him, they have this unique email password hacking/cracking service that can hack/crack password for any web based email address including our much-loved Yahoo Mail and Gmail. But hack/crack password is quite a tough job , How about using ? SE? Social Engineering ? another popular hacking tool, no its not actually hacking . Keylogger .

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