What I am doing these days?

What I am doing these days ? I adjust my body clock , I sleep early , about 10-11 P.M. and the worst is 12 A.M.

And I wake up early , between 4:00 – 7:00 .

It is much better than my early sleeping time , I slept at around 2:00 A.M. and woke up around 8:00

So what I am doing these days that I decided to woke early?

Nothing important its just I’m not too busy , and I decided to my workloads during the 6:00 + + + time schedule. And School stuff after 9:00 A.M.

Now What I’m doing these days? As usual , common activities , nothing interesting , just working some stuff.

The only good thing is , when I woke early , which I’ve done before is , I can now listen again to GoodTimes with Mo of Magic 89.9 via online with its Host Mo Twister , Mojo , Grace Lee and Angelicopter .


I started listening about few years ago , with Mo Twister , Mojo and Andi9 . But I stop listening to Good Times with mo , for about 3-4 months , I’ve got weird of stuffs going on and I’m sleeping around 2:00 A.M. then I woke up around 9:00

But now , I think I’m back , even though sometimes I’m sleeping around 1:00. But now I can woke up as early as 4:00 which is a good thing.

Then I got a lot of free time to goof around , hahaha

I got long breaks and my day ends at 4:00 P.M.
Free time during from Tuesday – Friday, but I got crazy Monday

I have a chance to listen to top 5 at 5 by Andi9 and Jessica (both are cute) 🙂
Andi9 and Jessica Mendoza
Andi9 is from the former Goodtimeswithmo segment while I saw Jessica as a court side reporter for the Ateneo blue Eagles in UAAP.

So it ends up here , I got a lot of free time to goof around and hang out. but its kinda crazy I got a full load from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. no breaks .

So what I am doing these days? just a lot of workloads and a lots of to time to goof around. :p

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