COTM- Cutie of the Month

Maybe I’ll blog this on monthly basis , the cutie of the month . haha….

Fresh new faces , that I find them really cute .

1. the Girls of Magic 899 Top 5 at 5 ! Andi9 and Jessica Mendoza
I find both girls as the cuties of the month , I know Andi9 as a former crew of the Goodtimeswithmo and Jessica as the Courtside reporter of ADMU blue eagles in UAAP.

Jessica Mendoza
Andi Manzano

2. Angelicopter – Angelika Schmeing – Cruz
I first heard of her around March this year ,

Name: Angelika Schmeing-Cruz
Twitter: @a_schmeing
Civil Status : Married
Height: 5’7 (no heels) Age: 26

3. Denise Laurel

I wonder why she’s not on some previous list , but here we , she’s the cutie of the Month , yeah , the Kristine Series with Christine Reyes is a ++ factor

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