I just fall in love with her voice again.

While I’m writing this blog (I scheduled this to be posted on Sept 4 , 11:11 A.M. ,
with my brain is clear, because of some alcohol on it, yeah its clean.
Its Friday , no yesterday was Friday! We have this so called U-Day , but the hell I care.

So I decided to woke at 1:00 then go to the school @ 4:00 s
Its Friday , so I’m thinking of no class for today(Saturday) maybe i can have some fun this night.

But somebody has ruin my night , no will start to ruin my night , guess who ? my so called girlfriend . . . . . .
Damn it , i have feeling that I will have a good night , then while preparing(maybe its not the exact term) for the night.
My girlfriend called me and there is little quarrel/fight/misunderstanding/etc between us. and it is starting ruin my night.
But I don’t want her to ruin may already ruined day. So at least , I will enjoy this day , no this night. !

9:00 P.M. – 1:00 A.M. its all about I don’t know…I wash my brain with some alcohol ! LOLz… wrong term —:)

when I got home I ended in my bed. Its already morning and I’m so tired , but still I can’t sleep.
I open my computer , connected to the internet . then check what on the web , I’m checking emails(hell no I’m not replying the emails , maybe If reply on the email , I will end up replying with the same type of this trash blog post.

then after that time interval I write this blog with a clean brain.

while I’m reading email I’m listening to music , I decided to shuffle it , then the song played I don’t know whats the title that tickles(owww wrong term again I think) my ear , the title of the song was “Always Getting Over You” – by some Angela

that’s scares me a lot . I don’t know why , so I goggled it , then i read it the lyrics. its kinda ouch… wow…. I did that.
what the hell I’m doing?

I thought I’m okay , but I’m not .

When I goggled it seems that Carmina(yes the youtube star that I like, has her own version of this song)

then , I realized that , oww, I’ve done a horrible thing last night , before 9:00

I just have little war with my Girlfriend but I just let happened .” I just thought that I’m Okay”
Early this morning , I called her , good thing she’s already awake,
I felt terrible its like I’m expecting him to say “that she’s always getting over me . ”
I’m expecting that she say “So don’t call and say your coming back for me”
but I’m wrong instead , she ended saying that ?
“Earn a sleep , then talk to me , and thanks for the movie tip , ”
August Rush was such a good movie ,
then I remember what the whats the root of our mini war .
She wanted me to talked with her all night , but I’m going somewhere else ” Instead I said to her , that “watch some movies , like august rush . ”

No I’m okay , I will have a nice sleep… Morning!

I’m starting a new Fine Day, Have a Beautiful Everyone !

BTW here is the song from carmina !

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