Pointing Finger Syndrome

Pointing Finger Syndrome

In computer the pointing finger syndrome is defined as

“All-too-frequent result of bugs, esp. in new or experimental configurations. The hardware vendor points a finger at the software. The software vendor points a finger at the hardware. All the poor users get is the finger.”

Maybe it’s natural to humans to do the pointing finger after a certain incident, but most commonly Filipinos have this syndrome. No one takes the major blame after the incident; instead they keep on pointing fingers to others to rescue their own selves from superb (yeah superb) humiliation.

It’s natural in the Philippines to point fingers after a major incident, maybe pointing finger is not only practice in the Philippines even in US(about the Gulf oil spill they point fingers , on who to blame) but the pointing finger syndrome is just a habit in the Philippines , if something went wrong , the first thing they do is ? Guess what? Point fingers on who to blame. Yes that’s the first step in the Philippines. To point fingers on human error, Technological failure and worst blaming natural forces beyond any human control (Yeah blame nature as you want).

The after recent Manila hostage crisis now starts a never ending Pointing Finger scenario! Now let’s see on where the finger is pointing! And one thing pointing finger does not solve anything, so be free to point fingers, save you from superb humiliation. Wikipage

First Finger Points to “The Police” (no it’s not the band “the Police”, but the Philippine National Police)

Why blame the police? Number one thing they are “very incompetent” Yes, no I’m not blaming the police officers who storm the bus, but the roots of that shitty tactics. I don’t know what happened there but, many disagree about their “horrible tactics” I’m no tactician but, they should do better than that , imagine you are against a one man army , and you still fail.  Another thing to blame on the police is the lack of equipment or something? I don’t know if the hammer is still a part of PNP modernization program. Maybe night vision is still a future technology for the PNP. Filipino’s are brave warriors but maybe technically left behind. Technically means in skills/equipment. Another thing “I have never seen so “many” policemen being so helpless against one gunman.” I don’t know if it’s real but photos of Policemen taking pictures on the front of the bus s just like they are on a tourist spot are spreading on some social networking sites.

The second Finger Point to “The Media” (Specifically the big three, no it’s not basketball, the big three in Philippine TV, ABS- CBN, GMA and TV5)

Maybe most of the people point the finger on the Police, but some finger (including the police) points on the media.

Maybe it’s only the Philippines that, when there is a major police operation a media partner could be a part of the operation for the publicity stunt (huh? ) , I saw it many times that before the police operation a certain part of media , has a breaking news that , the police is now ready to raid some bad guys over there. They should control the media in the first place, who’s irresponsible reporting and meddling led to the escalation of the already volatile situation.” I don’t think that they did not know about the on board TV on the bus, and the aerial shots/ field shots of the media gives the hostage taker of the birds eye-view of the situation.

The third finger points to?

The Hostage taker, maybe it’s not a good decision to put the justice in your own hands. The Hostage taker is a distinguished policeman with many awards and recognition, but after a incident that involves the men under his command something went wrong to his career, the career that he built for many years.  One thing he is convicted in a very short time so the Hostage taker points finger the maybe the root of all of these the one who he serve his entire career the government.

The 4th finger points to the government (specifically those who is in charge of the justice system)

Ombudsman supposedly does the conviction for the government employees and official for their evil deeds.

I think is not that effective?

I’m referring to the ombudsman; they could not convict an obvious theft of the government. The obvious theft that it’s pretty obvious that even a dumb animal could recognize that what they are doing is bad and evil, (bad is not particularly evil, but this time they could be define as one). What the ombudsman do is catch so many small fish (maybe piranhas), but he/she could catch an obvious shark.

Maybe one the shark eats the large sum supposedly for training and major tool upgrade.

Maybe it could be preventive measure if this case is reviewed properly.
Read about the Office of the Ombudsman

Other fingers are pointing on?

Some fingers are pointing on bystanders (maybe the one that got hit by a stray bullet)

Others fingers points on the bus driver (because he said that all people inside the bus are killed, maybe not)

A stupid finger points on the nature (because of rain maybe) that snipers could take him out like that because of that. Or I don’t know if the snipers exist on the Philippines, maybe I’m on some games like (far cry, sniper and etc, that put a great value on the invisible army on the field).

Some points on the stupid bus, some say it’s the hammer, some say it’s the TV on board and etc, maybe it’s a never ending pointing scenario, but do you think that pointing finger could solve this? Of course not, maybe learn again from the past mistakes and do the same mistakes again and do the pointing finger again.

No need to blame… but somebody must admit his MISTAKE and be RESPONSIBLE..be the MEDIA, the PNP or our NAT’L LEADERS… the most important is we LEARNED our LESSON!

PNP admits their mistakes but they still points finger on the media because of the Irresponsible media coverage, but supposedly the authorities have the total control on the area, example a stranger is hit by a stray bullet…

This is not time to blame whoever responsible for this. The incident had already happened, maybe this should be “another” (okay it’s another, because many things happened like this in the past) eye opener for the Government that, the authorities (okay I’m removing the word incompetent) are not that trained well, to deal with this kind of situation.

    • Krissie
    • August 25th, 2010

    Should not blame no one, shit happens , but if only handled it well , maybe there is now blood bath

  1. This is a great article. Concerning the pointing finger syndrome try this : Physically point your finger at anyone/anything,you’ll notice you have three fingers pointing right back at…yourself.

    • Misty
    • August 25th, 2010

    No qualified sniper? In the Police? That’s a no no. !

    • Venisse
    • August 25th, 2010

    awful move by the police, they are like kids playing a battle simulation , very bad. your right they really need more training, no . are these guys even experience what is training all about?

    • TheRedLuck
    • August 25th, 2010

    Should not blame no one, things happened. I hope someone will learn from this.

    • SpecialForces
    • August 25th, 2010

    Maybe the police should play some Special Forces game to improve their tactics.

    • Mikkki
    • August 26th, 2010

    Its Horrible , is that philippines finest? maybe there is worst than this . manila is the capital of the philippines right? Don’t blame the people. the People from the country is good.

    • Nicole
    • August 26th, 2010

    Blame no one. Shit happens , Everyone should learn a lesson from it.

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