How to Hug Yourself

Sometimes you just need a hug-and sometimes there isn’t anybody around to give you one. That’s when it’s time to take matters into your own arms and hug yourself. Wait! Before you roll your eyes and navigate away from this article onto something more “substantial,” let me assure you that self-hugs actually do work. It may sound a bit like a cheesy new age self-improvement tactic, but before you knock it, try it. What have you got to lose? Let these tips show you how.



Stretch and expand your arms out to either side. Consciously draw pure love, positive energy and life-affirming goodness into your arms.


Inhale and smile.


As you exhale, wrap your arms around your body. Imagine that you are delivering all that goodness, positive energy and love straight to your heart.


Embrace like you mean it. Squeeze yourself the way you would if you were hugging a loved one. Drop your head, rub your shoulders, relax, hold on and breathe.

Sweet talk. Say, “I cherish you self. You are a wonderful, worthy, beautiful self. I am truly grateful for you. All is well. Rest assured and know that you are loved. I love you.”


Release your arms. Allow the feeling of being cared for and adored to stay with you throughout the day.


Repeat three times a day, but try not to fall too much in love!

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