Page Cannot Be Displayed

* Customer: “I am getting a ‘Page Cannot Be Displayed’ message.”
* Tech Support: “Ok, let’s try our home page.”
* Customer: “That worked.”
* Tech Support: “Ok, let’s try another page like”
* Customer: “That worked too.”
* Tech Support: “I don’t see any problems then.”
* Customer: “Well I tried that page I was trying, and it did it again.”
* Tech Support: “What’s the site’s address?”
* Customer: “(address).com.”
* Tech Support: “Hmmm. It looks like the site is down.”
* Customer: “Yeah, I know it is. Can you fix it now, please?”
* Tech Support: “It’s not one of our sites, so we can’t fix it.”
* Customer: “What do you mean you can’t fix it? You are my Internet provider. You should be able to fix it.”
* Tech Support: “No, we cannot. We do not own that site.”
* Customer: “Let me speak to your supervisor. You’re just stupid and trying to brush me off.”

    • makena
    • August 24th, 2010

    Somebody think that one person could own the whole www!

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