Most Common Operating Systems

An operating system (OS) is a set of program which helps the computer hardware to operate and communicate with the computer software. Without an OS, a computer will be of no use. For functions like memory space allocation and input or output, OS programs operate as a mediator between computer hardware and application programs. OS is used on about any gadget that includes a computer and multiple programs i.e. Mobiles, video games, web servers and supercomputers. All that said there have been several OS developed since the inception of computers including the DOS where you had to type in all the commands. We have come a long way since then. Did you know that Mac is almost as popular as Windows OS? Here are the most common OS used in the world today:

1. Windows
This hardly requires a survey. It is the most commonly used operating systems, covering almost 90% of the personal computers market. The latest versions for personal computers include Windows XP and Windows 7 and for servers Windows Server 2008R2 is available. It initially originated as an attachment to the MS-DOS operating system in 1981. After the release of 1985, Microsoft dominated the business of personal computers, and set several industry standards and everyday applications.

2. Macintosh
It is a partly owned graphical OS developed and marketed by Apple Inc. The latest version being Mac OS X is a successor of original Mac OS which has been Apple’s main operating system ever since 1984. The server edition i.e. Mac OS X Server is identical to its desktop version architecturally. It has managed to come very close to Windows in popularity, however it has failed to grab the market so far.

3. Linux
Linux is the only kind of OS which is found on a Super computer as well as on a wrist watch. Its components being available freely, any person can read and make modifications in its code. Due to this it is used in vide varieties of electronics. It is rarely used for personal computers but operates on the most powerful ten super computers of the world.

It was initially developed in 1969 by employees of AT&T at Bell Labs which included Ken Thompson, Brian Kernighan, Dennis Ritchie, Joe Ossanna and Douglas McIlroy. Currently UNIX systems have been divided into different branches and developed eventually by AT&T and various other non-profit organizations and commercial vendors.

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