What Does Edward Cullen and a Chaste Person Have in Common?

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What Does Edward Cullen and a Chaste Person Have in Common?

By Daxx Bondoc


In movie Twilight, the vampire family “Cullens” survives by eating blood of animals instead of humans. Even though their hunger is not fully satisfied with animal blood, they chose to do so. “It is like a person survives only on tofu” as Edward puts it. Through the years the members of the Cullens have learned to control their lust for blood.

Why the choice? Because the value human life.

I like the scene of Edward and Bella in Bella’s room. Edward tried kissing Bella but realized that he could not handle his thirst for blood with such physical contact. Edwards suddenly backs off for Bella’s sake. There is a great lesson and principle in this scene. Know your weakness and do not go beyond it. In the Catholic world we call it “Avoiding the near occasion of sin.” And that is what a chaste person has in common with Edward Cullen.

The Cullens chose not to kill humans for their own sake. They chose a harder road of survival, drinking the blood of animals. The chaste person also chooses not to use people to satisfy their lust for physical pleasure. It is also a hard road.

In the heart of the Cullen’s choice to drink animal blood was there respect and value of human life. It is the same value for a person that drives a chaste person to live a life of self-control.

For the love of Bella, Edward finds different ways to express his affection to her. There is always a sense of cautiousness in his actions, lest Bella’s life might be put in danger. The single chaste person does the same. He finds ways to express his affection in creative ways other than sex or foreplay.

Why the hard-work on self-control? Because Edward and the chaste person know what true love means. They are willing to make sacrifices for the good of their beloved.

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