Hot on Top Ten -(HoTT)

Well I just defined a Stupid Acronym for HoTT? Hot on Top Ten . . . whahhh… it sound’s kinda stupid , I know.
HoTT is my list of the Prettiest, Sexiest and maybe most eye catching for me(remember beauty is on the eye of the beholder, well its another stupid quote, but sometimes its true(sometimes 🙂 )
But there Women, Females , Girls who are generally considered as beautiful , In general a eye catcher or a head turner(can break your neck though)
Here is my List,(many will argue with my top ten sexiest prettiest)

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1. Angel Locsin
Self Explanatory : FHM 2010 Sexiest , Scores maybe the perfect 10 in 3 Categories I mentioned Beauty , Body and Eye Catching.

2. Carmina Topacio

the new “Crushie” . Surprise!  top on my list no so much public exposure , but a eye catching youtube star.
just check her Youtube channel.

3. Christine Reyes
Christine ReyesDrop it like its hot.

4. Maja Salvador

She’s fine at number 4 maybe(for me) mid level exception for me.

5. Sam Pinto
Sam Pinto
The Only reason I watch PBB Double Up. Okay she’s gate crashing into the TV scene and a FHM cover that emphasize the word “LEGS” . okay She’s okay at number 5 for me. Not bad for a newbie.

6. Rhian Ramos
Rhian Ramos
She’s at number 6.

7. Princess Ryan
Princess Ryan
Personal Favorite

8. Jewel Mische
I don’t know her , or I didn’t see her on TV or movies but she’s a beauty I think 🙂

9. Iya Villania

10. Bangs Garcia

She’s got the Natural Looks.. its okay..

Photo Credits to the owner of the Images.

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