It’s Free

Free Internet

Did you pay your Internet?
We pay for everything in life besides air, and that’s only because someone hasn’t figured out a way to charge us for breathing yet. Internet belongs to everyone in the world, and nobody should have to pay to use it.
Here is some fact.

* 49% of Internet users have tried free micro-blogging services like Twitter

* 0% of them would be willing to pay for it.
Same goes for me I’m not willing to shell out money for twitter, facebook or any other social network.

Internet users have an extreme disconnect when it comes to the Web. Most people have no problem with buying products and services offline. If we go to Target and buy a CD – we shell out the cash. If we buy at book at Barnes & Noble – we shell out the cash. If we hire the services of an accountant – we shell out the cash. If we go to a weekly yoga class for lessons – we shell out the cash.

So why don’t we want to pay for anything on the Internet?

We want free email. We want free social networks. We want free music. We want free TV shows and free movies. We want free news. (okay I’m talking here of legalities , torrent discussion , file sharing and human knowledge belongs to the world discussions will be saved for another blog)

The problem may be that consumers have been conditioned to get things for free on Internet. We have been getting a free ride since the crazy, dot-com days in the late 1990s.

Is free content just a stage we’re going through in the evolution of the Internet?

In other words – is “free” sustainable?

If we look back at the dot-com era as a guide post there’s an argument to be made that our current state of “free content” on the web might not be permanent, but simply a nascent stage in the growth of the Internet. That conclusion can be supported by evidence of what happened to online retail during the dot-com phase of the Internet’s growth.
(Okay I just watched

So whats the difference between a Free and a Payed Service ?

Is paid content more valuable – and more reliable – than free content?

A good example of a free content is the do find wiki reliable ? maybe for a lazy like me, I found it comfortable on searching things in that place, maybe its reliable for the person who is searching it, with no backgrounds/or knowledge on what he/she is trying to find out. Maybe these wiki error bug days maybe over soon, but still wiki technology( as they say) is not as reliable. Maybe your just lazy to google. Here’s wikitech for me
Wikipedia is only as good as the hive mind chooses to make it. Some people have lavished a lot of care on it, cited their sources, and so on, and actually made it a reputable place to start research. Other pages are pure dreck.

Okay a lot of people are just screw ups and trying vandalize the content wiki.

With any new form of technology since the beginning of time, some old jobs will break down and die, and new jobs will be formed. What is going on now is a transformation in the Workforce. Musicians, Artists, and other artistic forms of work have always had a hard time making a steady income since the beginning of time because in past days it just wasn’t useful, and really it still isn’t.

The Internet originated as a free-of-charge place. Notably, in the very beginning, almost all users were connected over their college/university and did not even pay ISP fees. The wish to earn money creeped in sometime in the mid-90s.

Some will say , I’m paying for my Internet. well your paying for your service provider not for your internet. Internet is Free . Here’s the thing anyways are you willing to pay for your internet ? Imagine paying your service provider , then paying for internet? Is that bad? well the idea of Internet is not that big as well , Tim Berners Lee created for CERN ,to link scientist and researchers working in CERN. not connecting civilians.

Advertising funds the Internet. Most free websites(that aren’t just ads themselves) has some kind of advertising on them. Facebook, Myspace and now even Twitter all incorporate ads in some way.

If blogging sites and social networking sites can’t make money while providing their services for free to users, then they are doing it wrong.

Here is my idea on paying for Paying Social Networking site
I’m not willing to pay because it’s not a need. I use facebook because it’s free. If I’d have to pay for it, I’d find other ways to keep in touch with international friends. In fact, because of social networks, I don’t speak to my friends as often. We’ll all survive without any of these “free” services!

But paying for Internet is such a crazy thing. I’m already paying for my network provider , now what? I’m paying for internet services as well? HELL NO!

If the internet stopped providing free content then many companies would go under. The ISP’s would take a hit since people wouldn’t pay 60 bucks a month to get to the internet only to have to pay a fee per site to view content. It would be a waste of time. Musicians make money at their concerts not necessarily album sales, that is the recording company. The only people that would benefit from a fee based internet would be hackers as they would destroy the internet in retaliation. Their whole motto is based on free public information on the internet. No one would be able to afford to pay for all the free services we currently use online. Imagine paying $5 for twitter, $8 for Facebook, $1 per google search, $7 for Flickr, $10 for youtube. There is absolutely no way this would work. Try it, put a price on everything you use online and see if you can afford it a month.

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