Ari Gold

So far if google you find 3 popular ARI GOLD , The american pop singer and song writer , the other one is the american filmmaker and the last one is the fictional character in comedy-drama television series Entourage(Played by Jeremy Piven )
The Ari Gold I’m talking is the fictional character .

This guy rocks!

If you’ve seen Entourage you either love Ari or hate him. Even if you hate him, you probably admire his bulldog tenacity, his superbly quick wit and his insanely funny sharp tongue. Played by Jeremy Piven, the character is a cartoonish version of an all-sales-all-the-time-super-performer.

Here is why I love Ari Gold…. he is the physical representation of capitalism at it’s best. Supreme confidence. Awe inspiring. Ari is all business all the time

In real life, we cant all be like Ari …but we can duplicate his work ethic, his aggressiveness, his tenacity and his drive to win. In Ari’s case, he is already rich. Its not about the money, it is about the will to win. The desire to prove who is the BEST agent in town.

The desire to truly WIN. The tenacity and stick-to-itiveness to see their projects through to fruition. The patience, the work ethic, the humbleness of spirit combined with the CONFIDENCE to win.

“You can have it if you want to live in F’ing Agora Hills, and go to group therapy; but if you want a Beverly Hills mansion, and a country club membership, and nine weeks in a Tuscan Villa, then Im going to need to take a call when it comes in at noon on a MF’ing Wednesday!” – Ari Gold.

Simple, here are a few thoughts:

What lessons can an aspiring entrepreneur, six-figure salesperson, or up-and-coming future executive take from Hard-Hitting-Ari?

Simple, here are a few thoughts:

1) Nothing comes easy, no matter how connected you strive to be.
2) You can not escape the work ethic requirement embedded in the success equation.
3) Drive and determination are what your clients expect.
4) People are motivated more by emotion than by fact.
5) Regardless of what your spouse, friends, or co-workers sayyou are in charge of your destiny and NOBODY else is going to do it for youand most wont support your crazy visions, dreams and ambitions.
6) Never, ever, ever, ever give up.
7) Fire people who are lazy and / or unproductive; Can you read? {while Ari writes on white board} Get The F Out Ari Gold.
8) Take risks.
9) Make decisions – Conquer your fears Reward loyalty.

Achieve what you need / require.

Tap your own internal Ari Gold and enjoy the fruits of your labor!!

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