World Cup


In life , as in a soccer game , skill , precision and technique are of utmost importance. I do not argue that.  However , more often than not , when push comes to shove , the one who wants it the most , the one with most passion and courage , tempered by wisdom and experience  , is the one who scores the goal and make history.
Xabi Alonso
In the semifinal match between Germany and Spain early Wednesday morning, the spaniard’s passion and poetry(the fluidity by which they play their game) clearly trumped the German Precision. Perhaps also because spain was the older team(not an ace when you think about physical level) so experience played a critical part in outwitting the stronger yet younger team.

Germany was the favored team because they had quite the awesome record while Spain’s was , well , second rate compared to Germany. Statistically , Germany had scored way more goals than spain , but spain has the greatest number of passes in this tournament. Spanish midfield composed of Xavi , Sergio Busquets , Xabi Alonso , Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas have made more passes than any other player in the tournament , a combined amount of 1,494(this is before the finals, In the finals Xavi alone has 80 passes and covered more than 15 KM of 120 minutes of pure action).

They  call it “tiki taka” in  barcelona, the short , sharp , one or two touch passes which brought Spain and Barcelona such success.

Real Madrid star Xabi Alonso explains ” for us , it is important to wait for the right moment to strike and , until when , to keep passing. You might give two passes that seem to lack value but the third maybe the decisive one. The first pass you make does not need to be a direct one, seeking out your forwards”.
Which makes one think that just like life , what is more important is not the end point or whether you hit your goal or not, but more so the lessons you learn along the way. And how important it is to keep trying , to show courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Here’s a Interesting article written by somebody

Goalkeeper . Kicking the ball straight in the goal does not guarantee it will make it to the net. A goal keeper stands there to teach us that no meaningful goal in life can be achieved without final obstacle that may foil ll previous obstacles(defenders) you may have overcome in the past.
Carles Puyol
Value of one goal. Carles Puyol’s winning goal against Germany made all the difference. Every goal in a soccer match is celebrated as though it is the winning goal. This is because players work so hard and for so long to score a single goal. In life, we must celebrate every achievement even if your assignment is not over. And remember, goals can be achieved oftentimes in the least expected ways.

Draw game. No one has to win for players and fans alike to enjoy a good game of soccer. A nil-nil game can be just as exhilarating as a game with three goals. Life does not always have to produce winners and losers.

Patience. Unlike any other sport, soccer teaches one the value of patience. Scoring a goal, like achieving a dream, can take time and teaches the athlete, spectator and dreamer many valuable lessons in perseverance and diligence.

Spain won the world cup against Netherlands(they won by a Andres Iniesta extra time goal coming from the string of passes in the spanish midfield)

Like in life and relationships, it is important to know the rhythm and flow of the people that you work with so that great things can be achieved and relationships can go smoothly. If Spain’s reserve goalkeeper Pepe Reina’s words are any indication, the Netherlands will be up for a major battle. Reina says, “‘It is our secret. We know each other by memory and we don’t panic because in a World Cup the games are really close and you have to be patient and keep trying to find the space. We did it at the end against Germany and we are proud of that.’

The Core team of Spain Includes its magnificent midfielders Sergio Busquets , Xabi Alonso , Xavi Hernandes , Andres Iniesta , Cesc Fabregas , and Striker David Villa(  I excluded Fernando Torres because of a disappointing showing in this world cup tournament)  I will also include defender Sergio Ramos and Goalkeeper Iker Casillas as the players behind the spain success in the world cup 2010 , Till then we meet at the 2014 world cup in brazil..


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