Eclipse Cover
HARDCORE FANS, THOSE who didn’t read the books, and even those who weren’t able to watch the two previous “Twilight” saga movies are sure to enjoy the movie version of “Eclipse”. Starting off with a certain Seattle native named Riley Biers being bitten by the vampire Victoria, the movie promises to give viewers a lot of exciting things to the next two hours. Bent on becoming a bloodsucker after graduation , but still not being fully supported by her vampire boyfriend Edward , Bella’s life gets even more complicated when she becomes the target if an army of freshly bitten vampire led by Riley Biers. Interestingly, the Cullen clan teams up with Jacob Black and the rest of the warewolf pack, forgetting their differences for a while to protect the endangered Bella, who by now has become the hottest girl on the planet. If you saw “New Moon” , you will notice that some things haven’t changed. The vampires still wear kabuki make-up and have actually already perfected the constipated look, especially Jasper, looks funny in the movie. Some of the characters hair will make you laugh too. Take , for example , Alice , who do not only sports an unflattering hairstyle , but even dons a big black bow in one of the scenes , making her look like she’s trying to be cute. And as usual, the Cullens , when all together(especially when waiting for the enemies) look like they’re posing for a forced goth Gap ad , with all the pouts and fierce facial expression , plus color-coordinated get-ups. Despite of these repetitions, which are somehow forgivable and actually entertaining, the movie has so much more to offer. For starters, there is the new character: army leader Riley Biers, the jealous and snooty warewolf Leah Clearwater; and a young freshly-bitten, scene stealing vampire It’s nice to deviate from the three main characters love triangle, too, thanks to the interesting back stories of Jasper and Rosalie, delivered “True Blood” flashback style Another fresh change is how Jacob is now openly fighting for Bella. Gone is the shy, keep-it-to-myself Jacob. Jacob made a very good point when he explained to Bella how he is better for her because she’s doesn’t have to change or say goodbye to those she loves, for him. The saga’s third installment is sexier than the previous two movies. Jacob has more topless scene (the first one made the audience go “wow” in unison) even bringing Edward to say “Doesn’t he own a shirt?” There is a lot of hugging and kissing. Virginity is tackled. And Edward’s stand on pre marital se is revealed (Bella say’s it ancient) It is easy to conclude that “Eclipse” is so far the best among the three “Twilight” movies , even if that’s just because the first one was too basic and forgivable and so the second one was naturally better given the weak beginning. But to be fair “Eclipse” is filled with great lines (“lets face it, I’m hotter than you” said Jacob) another is “what about when Jacob said “the clouds I can handle but I cant fight an eclipse”, That’s basically the whole reason its called eclipse So enjoyable is “Eclipse” that those who watch it will definitely be impatient for the two part “Breaking Dawn” movies.

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